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double post
is this calf or goat? is it possible to post up some measurements in the OP?
OP, please provide your brief thoughts on the following topics: 1) vintage bicycles 2) raw diets 3) vaccinations 4) 9/11: who did it 5) secret microchips implanted by the government 6) area 51 7) the moon landing 8) the existence of AIDS 9) homeopathic medicine 10) the government hiding the cure for cancer from us
Do Geller's sunglasses have any stated UV protection?
What color is that? White? measurements seem like it could fit a 48?
Minoxodil and Propecia have both been proven to work. Both were originally developed for other uses (hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia, respectively) and it was serendipitously found that they prevent hair loss and partially cause regrowth at lesser dosages.
Yes, there are percentages assigned to specific side effects as for any drug. I think you copied that from wikipedia? Prostate cancer risk has not been convincingly shown to be increased with use of the drug. Nor the risk of male breast cancer. Yes, there is an association with sexual dysfunction in a small percentage of users, which is reported to resolve after discontinuation of the drug. The evidence that these issues continued in some after discontinuation of the drug...
I am a medical student and am going to be brutally honest with you. Have you considered rethinking your choices? I'm sure you make good money but how many hours a year are your own life to live? The schedule you describe is fairly brutal and if you now have hypertension at 22. You also hinted at a family history of heart disease. You are in big trouble unless your lifestyle changes. The daily stress is almost certainly contributing to the weight gain through sustained...
I have some advice. Go on Propecia. Do it as soon as possible. Don't listen to hearsay bullshit about side effects but instead investigate them from reliable medical sources. There is a legitimate treatment for hairless but stupidity is preventing people from utilizing it.
Is the color a washed out black or a full solid black?
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