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F/W 2013 Size: 48 New with tags Price includes shipping within the US
S/S 2012 Size: 44 Condition: New. The inner tag that says "New York" came lose from one side when I made the mistake of trying on the sweater with the string tags attached. Fits oversized (model is 6 foot and wearing a 44 for non-oversized fit) Pit to pit: 23 Length: 25.5 Price includes shipping within the US
Pendant necklace in matte silver-tone brass. Black waxed shoelace-style string. Approx. 1.5" x 1" pendant. Made in Italy. S/S 2013. New in box. Price includes shipping within the US as well as Paypal fees.
http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Comme-des-Garcons/Comme-des-Garcons-Series-6-Synthetic-Tar-1235.html Rare and discontinued. Unused. Price includes shipping within the US and Paypal fees
if you are seeing this in any combination of temples/crown, it is male pattern baldness. there are other rare conditions that can lead to a patchier distribution, but it's unlikely. it is absolutely not comb related, as there is no evidence for the comb theory that you proposed. men are fair game for this to start any time after puberty. there are FDA approved medications to slow the progress.
The sizing on these was whack. I have a size 45 in the green/army that actually fits like a standard 43 shoe (10 US).Willing to sell them for the same price as gravity pope + shipping.
You are basically a religious fundamentalist. Except your religion is anti-GMO. You are not interested in unbiased critique. You will search the fringes of the internet to find statements that you want to hear and will feel good because they have said what it is that you were looking for. Tell me, did you really go Google searching for the golden rice information with the mind of learning about both the pros and cons? Or were you searching for anti-GMO statements made in...
You just typed a lot of words without actually saying anything. It is easy for someone who buys $300 organic cotton jeans to say this is bad and that is bad while immersed in a self-righteous quest, without looking at the big picture. The reality is that GMO crops are not the devil as you portray them. For example, GMO technology presents a viable way to help combat global nutrient deficiencies. Take the golden rice project for example. Have you ever considered these types...
Is it really accurate to say GM is bad? It seems that the actual message is that using harsh chemicals/pesticides, large corporations mistreating farmers/workers etc is bad. GM crops have the potential to do a lot of good and aren't necessarily the devil because they are being utilized by corporations in an unethical way.
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