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the worst thing that can happen to you in this game is that you get either or both of the two smaller knives
Quote: Originally Posted by buhdda sup imhotep didn't know you were on SF. and the obvious self promotion that was to ensue. http://kingbuddha.mybrute.com/ yes, this is where i discuss clothing, and dont solely post nonsense
the pen mark should be removable with some acetone or rubbing alcohol
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma The problem being you're conflating having a (sometimes very) active sexual life with patterns of compensation/displacement found among a subset of sexually active women (and men). Yes I partly agree, I was unclear. Having a very active sexual life does not necessarily mean "daddy issues". Just like anything else, it can be a choice of lifestyle. Not for reasons of compensation/displacement. However, the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma This quote has no relationship whatsoever with women with many sexual partners and I've read Freud too. I'm sure the fact that you have an opinion and that some here would agree with it automatically make it right. The stats showing the correlation between paternal relationships and sexual behavior, emotional stability, self-esteem, and mental health are all over the place when it comes to females. what is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Explain how they are different without using societal perception as a starting point. Kthksbye!! "Father-child bonding is especially important to young girls. Dr. Obie Clayton, professor of sociology at Morehouse College, explains, "The effect that fathers have on daughters is extremely strong, even more so than for boys. When fathers interact with their daughters, those girls have higher self-esteem and go on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma So a man who sleeps with many girls has mommy issues and is possibly an un-salvageable human being? no, males and females aren't the same in this regard. in general. Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Girls with divorced parents = daddy issues? no. i'm not sure why you linked the two.
Quote: Originally Posted by remn HUGE NEG FOR IMHOTEP sold apc cures to imhotep. he filed a non-receipt claim (even though private messages clearly show him bitching about the item being received and demanding a partial refund, which i gave him) after refusing to pay for expedited shipping with tracking. paypal decided the case in his favor. Please see this post for the accurate description of events: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine I signed up as 99Luftballoon and just beat your ass revenge will be mine
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