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do the frye jesse boots fit true to size?
do the blacks fit smaller in the waist?
thanks for the responses. forgot to mention that, ideally, i would like to not darken them. also here is a pic, so you can see the leather and color. the leather is as dry and tough as it looks.
I recently bought a new pair of collection privee boots. Although the inside leather is soft, the outer leather is uncomfortable tough. I am not sure what the reason is, perhaps from the weathering treatment. They are a distressed medium tan in color, so not dark. What is the best way to soften them? Treat them with something and just wear them in? I have heard of mink oil, neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, and 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water. Not sure which is best for...
NWT BS-204 Rick Owens replica This particular BS style seems to fit big. Probably better for someone who is normally a L. I am normally a M, and sized down to a S in this style. Note that in the pic, I am wearing my S (spots are from the mirror). Measurements: Armpit to Armpit - 56 cm Shoulder to Shoulder - 47.5 cm Shoulder to Cuff - 76 cm Neck to Waist - 66 cm Sleeve Width at elbow - 16 cm $199 CDN (approx $165 USD) +...
Quote: Originally Posted by lpresq Is there any way to control your fighter? nope
the worst thing that can happen to you in this game is that you get either or both of the two smaller knives
Quote: Originally Posted by buhdda sup imhotep didn't know you were on SF. and the obvious self promotion that was to ensue. http://kingbuddha.mybrute.com/ yes, this is where i discuss clothing, and dont solely post nonsense
the pen mark should be removable with some acetone or rubbing alcohol
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