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Bob Dylan - The times they are a changin'
lol @ spam in a sale thread
Quote: Originally Posted by alx win come on guys great bootsss!!!! you must lower the price by at least 5-10% in order to bump here
Looking for a recommendation... I live in a hot but non-tropical climate, and am looking for something I can basically wear daily as a casual but distinctive scent. Right now I mostly wear Creed GIT, but I find it a little too generic. Looking for something green, natural and easy to wear. Not something that would be immediately recognizable as a cologne, per se, but as a unique and pleasant scent (if this makes sense...).
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger its not a package deal - he already acknowledged that if things don't improve the dog goes back to her parents. he needs to realize the time to send the dog back is now, not 2 months from now when the problem is just as bad/worse because he doesn't know how to handle the dog Yes, i agree with you. I originally thought you meant send the dog to the pound. If neither the OP nor his gf want to put the dedication...
Quote: Originally Posted by jgold47 I am not a huge fan of dogs, but the GF and the dog were a package deal. Its caused a lot of tension between both of us, because we both want to do the right thing. ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger its kind of clear that you don't really care about this animal. get rid of it now. it's not his dog or his decision to get rid of the dog... you should consult your veterinarian for possible ways to deal with the dog's anxiety.
it's called the jersey guido http://www.stripersonline.com/surfta...2&d=1217277034
Quote: Originally Posted by HedgeFundHotSHot sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free alone does not make it good make sure u look for ammonium lauryl sulfate and parabean, and dimethycone free as well then u have to check if the positive ingrediants r indeed positive in my experience its hard to find a good shampoo/conditioner cheap; raise ur price range to 20 to 50 dollars for 8 ounce and u have urself some choices what do you mean by...
this is for what, a 32 waist or so?
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