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Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent How long have you been wearing them? Wear them hard without a belt or sag them a little bit and in a month you'll see another inch. ive had them for 2 months now, and they've probably seen 30 X 12 hr days of wear. All the stretching took place within 10 days, and they've stayed the same since. They are a 28 and are stuck at 32.0 inches I think it may be the larger sizes that are capable of 3...
I dont really understand all the hype about the stretch of APC denim. My NS stretched 2 inches in the waist, and are stuck at that despite their still being pressure put on them to stretch more (bc they are too small on me). Most people can stretch their Dior MIJ raw denim by the same amount. Even my Nudie dry denim stretched 1.5 inches in the waist, which is not that much less than the APC NS.
Unless I'm missing something, doesn't look like there are any stains? Also doesn't look like he's trying to hide anything regarding the hem wear. Those pictures are pretty high quality. and lol.. did you one-star this thread??
Quote: Originally Posted by calvinc im interested! loll B&S Archive Old threads from before the B&S split are here. No new threads. also, the post you quoted is almost 2 years old
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I love these moronic generalizations people throw around. "The only Asian girls that sleep with white guys are complete whores. No self-respecting one would." "No classy Eastern European woman would have anything to do with a yank unless she is a whore." And what exactly makes you the statistical expert on these matters? These points are inane. I know several Japanese and Chinese women who are far from...
reduced to 275 shipped
Looking for new or only worn for a few days
280 shipped within North America. PM me for overseas shipping. These are NWT. MIJ black raw.
do the frye jesse boots fit true to size?
do the blacks fit smaller in the waist?
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