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are you sure they are pre-req's or co-req's? imo, you should make an appointment to sit down with your college's registrar (trinity, new, etc) and discuss your questions.
I graduated from here. Which program? are you sure the prereq's are only available to those in the program? or is it that you just don't have priority on course selection day?
Can anyone comment on Surface to Air L/S button-up shirt sizing?
some prices reduced
when does the sale start?
they fit a standard 9.0 US?
measurements for W + H?
APC denim added!
Quote: Originally Posted by omga shoulder to shoulder? difficult to gauge because there aren't any shoulder seams
Quote: Originally Posted by Ringo How is the fit on the drkshdw jacket? Can you provide measurements? pit-to-pit : 22.5 length on rear (not including collar): 23.5. the front is slightly longer. sleeves are long and meant to stack, as usual.
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