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You just typed a lot of words without actually saying anything. It is easy for someone who buys $300 organic cotton jeans to say this is bad and that is bad while immersed in a self-righteous quest, without looking at the big picture. The reality is that GMO crops are not the devil as you portray them. For example, GMO technology presents a viable way to help combat global nutrient deficiencies. Take the golden rice project for example. Have you ever considered these types...
Is it really accurate to say GM is bad? It seems that the actual message is that using harsh chemicals/pesticides, large corporations mistreating farmers/workers etc is bad. GM crops have the potential to do a lot of good and aren't necessarily the devil because they are being utilized by corporations in an unethical way.
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is this calf or goat? is it possible to post up some measurements in the OP?
OP, please provide your brief thoughts on the following topics: 1) vintage bicycles 2) raw diets 3) vaccinations 4) 9/11: who did it 5) secret microchips implanted by the government 6) area 51 7) the moon landing 8) the existence of AIDS 9) homeopathic medicine 10) the government hiding the cure for cancer from us
Do Geller's sunglasses have any stated UV protection?
What color is that? White? measurements seem like it could fit a 48?
Minoxodil and Propecia have both been proven to work. Both were originally developed for other uses (hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia, respectively) and it was serendipitously found that they prevent hair loss and partially cause regrowth at lesser dosages.
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