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Did a lot of price searching last year for computer accessories and found most of the best deals for solid, reliable products (not the cheapie kind that fall apart after 2 uses) were at NewEgg. I ordered a couple hundred dollars of things like laser printers, and a $2k LCD projector and have been very happy with everything. I got exactly what I ordered, and they perform exactly as I expected them to. Shipping was very prompt, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 BTW, my jail story really happened. For shame. You haven't lived if you haven't been in a jail (on the handcuffed side) at least once. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Missed the cell full of women, though.
Reduced to $135
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay She'll also be on the list of sex offenders and have to register whenever she moves, no? And won't she also be limited as to where she can live; that is, a certain distance from schools, parks, playgrounds, and the like? I don't think so if 17 is the age of consent where they are
I've been casually house hunting for a while, and I'm particularly picky single dude. I find a beautiful 4-bedroom house built in the 1930's... it's got all the architectual details I hope for... nice hardwood flooring throughout, spacious rooms, high ceilings, crown moulding... basically, space and character. It's also just been renovated throughout and is priced rock bottom as part of a state-funded program trying to revitalize home ownership in certain Syracuse city...
Quote: Originally Posted by chestercopperpot i've been meaning to check out freemans for quite some time now. this lovely thread will give me the final push to finally go there and get some good items. any recommendations other than a suit? I'll look for the ties I got from there and post pics later if I remember. I'm happy with the deadstock wool ties and they aren't terribly expensive at around $60. The peacoats are attractive but...
As long as I can get a nice job in a decent office that pays a modest sum of around $250k, then I think this plan sounds great. That should mean I still get to take home $100k after the increased taxes slaughter me. So... where do we sign up? If I don't get a free job, this plan blows. Oh wait... isn't that how we pretty much make all of our political decisions?
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty If I remember correctly the shorter coat was $1600 last year. I can see why it didn't sell. lefty Yep, I believe the shorter was about $1,600 and there was a longer (maybe a shave bit more than 3/4-length) peacoat for about $1,800. I had a hard time taking that off after trying it on. Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Yes, he was more important then. But to the guy going ot...
Reduced to $145.
Agreed that you must polish them, and also +1 on never using the quick shine lacquers, paints, etc. They will only ultimately serve to dry out the leather, and will crack and flake in short time only making your shoes look crappy. Polishing protects your leather from the elements and from drying out; it's essential you renew this "protective layer" regularly and not just for appearances sake. I'll also add about polishing: If you can, find an experienced shoe shine in...
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