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+1 on the Mazda3. I bought a 4-door version new in 2006 and drove it for about 30k before selling it to a co-worker. A lot of fun to drive; enough space (I'm 6' 3") for me and my crap, youthfully-styled interior and good starter car all around. Didn't have any problems with it I didn't cause myself. The thing even stood up well to my driving abuse for a small, cheap car (smashed into curbs, drove over a ladder at 75mph with no apparent damage, snapped off the lower...
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My personal opinion is that if the MBA isn't from a top business school (like Wharton, HBS, etc.) then it's not worth doing if the goal is truly to set yourself apart. Is the quality of the education that much better? Not entirely, but MBAs from average schools are a dime a dozen. Every mid-level manager knocks one out on their way up their chain because at some point they need those post-nominals there (regardless if it was online or from the local for-profit degree...
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Was using a local credit union for years on end without issue; they were great. No fees ever, good service, great loan rates, etc. Was able to access my money around the world through my ATM card without issue, even in some developing countries in Africa... Until one day they canceled my ATM card without warning, three years before it was supposed to expire... while I was 400 miles from their only branch... and "couldn't" turn it back on. They effectively stranded me...
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I think that wearing clothes that fit well and compliment oneself well universally makes a man look better (whether or not a woman observer realizes it's because his clothes fit perfectly or she just thinks there's something je ne sais quoi about him).
Picked up a copy of Men's Vogue somewhere and after a few minutes of thumbing through it was not impressed. I get enough paper in my mailbox, it wouldn't be worth it for free. I pay for GQ, Esquire, Travel+Leisure, New Yorker, Foreign Policy. I also get a bunch of other PR, non-profit and fundraising trade magazines through a couple professional associations. For some reason, I sometimes randomly start receiving random magazines out of nowhere. Most recently...
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