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How much you want to bet that Diddy goes back to whatever tailor made that suit for him and finds out what the heck the deal is with the cuff buttons? Haha... classic. Love Letterman's subtle digs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coal_Mining_Polak I bought a pair this morning, all sizes were available shortly after the OP posted this. Free shipping too! Did I miss something you saw? I didn't see dropdown boxes or any way to select a size, and couldn't add to cart. It appeared to me that they were all out of stock or something.
Nice selection. PM inbound!
Quote: Originally Posted by iVoRy what about dell latitude? i'm happy with my Latitude D630 I guess that Dell cuts it if you like "chunky" design.... I use PC's and Macs both, so I'm trying not to play into the epic Mac vs. PC debate, but the MacBooks I've recently bought show a lot of thought in the design. Rounded edges, material selection, even the placement of certain things and the printing of the name and keys. Everything follows a...
The crash is very unfortunate. The young girl who was First Officer, Rebecca Shaw, (the one you can hear on the ATC tapes) was only 24. Had her whole career before her. She sounded so upbeat even up to her last transmission.
Those salt stains will not likely clean up with just some water, soap and polish. That salt has worked its way into the leather. You'll usually find that salt stains in poorly cared for shoes, no matter how many times you wet and wipe away the surface salt and then polish them, will reappear within the day. You can try to apply some vinegar to draw the salt out of the leather and really recondition and treat that leather; but it still may not fully return to its...
For me, the penny loafer invokes images of old men and pleated khakis with the polo shirt tucked in and a braided belt. YMMV.
Utica, NY Douala, Cameroun Blackstone, VA
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow Wow, that's on the next level. I've never heard of that before. I naturally obliged. The guy really took my tie and steamed out the crease! I felt obliged to buy something and got a tub of shaving cream and some other random item.
Quote: Originally Posted by dinted voice Will probably get blasted for this but AE has a slim vintage pair of white http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product...ctId=0117_2515 I happened to try on the white straight leg and they fit pretty well. Was walking by the store while shopping with my wife and they had them in the front window. My main complaint is the slight distressing/wrinkling on the pockets. Do you know if that will become less noticeable with...
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