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Man, I wish the sleeves were longer too! Looks like it's about two to three inches too short for me.
Any chance of getting back and sleeve measurements on the first item, the coat? Thanks!
What are the sleeve lengths from shoulder seam to sleeve end, and measurement across the back from shoulder to shoulder on the A|X and Polo sweaters? If they'll fit me, I'm interested. Thanks!
Pictures, or you didn't do it. Try it with the matching iPod Shuffle tie clip, too.
Can I get a sleeve measurement on the turtleneck from shoulder seam to sleeve end? And a measurement across the back from shoulder seam to shoulder seam? Thanks!
PM inbound!
I read the article. I think he was reasonably well dressed and put-together. If I saw him getting out of his vehicle or walking down the street, I'd probably think he's a little better presented than the average schmuck in a suit. Though I agree about the watches and shoes (perhaps he just hasn't realized what else is out there), I think he's a fair choice of an "average" dude (okay, on the wealthier side of average) who has some sense of a personal style and makes it...
+1 on checking out Badger & Brush forums. There's more info there than we could ever hope to record and impart here. That having been said, I think half of the shave quality comes from the prep. I use a pre-shave oil (right now, Art of Shaving) and lather on shaving cream (Trufitt & Hill) with a silver-tip badger hair brush, after a hot shower. The run-of-the-mill Mach3 power shaves smoothly and close after that prep. The downsides are it takes lots of extra time in...
It's cold up here. I actually wear thermal pants under my suit (pants aren't shielded from the wind outside by the overcoat!) and when you count the layers on my torso (undershirt, shirt, sweater, suit or blazer) I'm plenty warm. Plus each office in my building has its own thermostat, so I shut my door and crank the heat and keep it toasty. After all, I've got to counter the effects of the giant, not-so-insulated plate glass windows (got to love 1950's building...
How much you want to bet that Diddy goes back to whatever tailor made that suit for him and finds out what the heck the deal is with the cuff buttons? Haha... classic. Love Letterman's subtle digs.
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