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I ordered my suit on 9/15/08 and received it on 10/3/08 - a little less than 3 weeks. The suit is exceptional and I have my second order pending. Once we get the fit as close to perfect as possible, I will be ordering 3-4 more suits. Jason is tremendous to work with and will bend over backwards to help.
Yes they are. In fact, I have the Madison Ave. store holding a pair of black Ricards for me.
Great article, thanks. btw, is PW sporting a hair piece these days?
Agreed that Amanda and Mrs. Gold are hotties. However the hottest chick to appear on the show was E's old girlfriend played by Emmanuel Chriqui --- Schwing!!!!
Tod's shoes?
My brand new, freshly imported Deborah's. Perfect shoe for me; a tad more conservative than the infamous Starr. BTW ordering from PS UK was a delightful (and cheaper) experience. Ordered on Tues. and receieved in NYC today, Friday. [iPhone pics - sorry]
A friend just purchased an Alfani (Macy's house brand) Red line suit for approx $240. It looks great for such a cheap suit. It's a very slim silhouette with narrow lapels and narrow trousers. The material is obviously not the finest and I'm sure the quality may leave a lot to desired (given that it's made in China), but for the price it looks pretty good.
Any sample shirts in a 16/36 size?
How do we remove the wrinkles that appear after 4 or 5 wears? What about if you get caught in a downpour? Simply get the pants (and suit) pressed as opposed to cleaned?
Whatever happened to EG Smith socks???
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