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sent a PM for a size 9.
Quote: Target sweater, 5epxsf, paul smith Not sure I'm loving those PS Ricards with the jeans. Perhaps Get Smart can give me some input here.
What about those of us that have been cursed with an inordinate amount of chest hair? I wear a T-shirt under everything just to provide a beard (pun intended) for my unruly chest hair.
Paul Smith Corso. Pictured in brown but also available in black. http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/shoes-217...productId=8297
I ordered my suit on 9/15/08 and received it on 10/3/08 - a little less than 3 weeks. The suit is exceptional and I have my second order pending. Once we get the fit as close to perfect as possible, I will be ordering 3-4 more suits. Jason is tremendous to work with and will bend over backwards to help.
Yes they are. In fact, I have the Madison Ave. store holding a pair of black Ricards for me.
Great article, thanks. btw, is PW sporting a hair piece these days?
Agreed that Amanda and Mrs. Gold are hotties. However the hottest chick to appear on the show was E's old girlfriend played by Emmanuel Chriqui --- Schwing!!!!
Tod's shoes?
My brand new, freshly imported Deborah's. Perfect shoe for me; a tad more conservative than the infamous Starr. BTW ordering from PS UK was a delightful (and cheaper) experience. Ordered on Tues. and receieved in NYC today, Friday. [iPhone pics - sorry]
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