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This is clearly more than "a few"...
Not on the east-side, but Allmeier at 109 W. 24th Street only handles shirt alterations. I had them shorten the sleeves on numerous OTR dress shirts and they have always done a tremendous job. I believe I paid approx. $15 a shirt.
Is it true that all of the BF OCBD's on sale are two-tone with different colored collars and cuffs?
Any chance a 44 RLBL will fit someone who's usually a 42? Wishful thinking perhaps...
Yes, but the question was about your tie?
I've taken the plunge into wearing knit ties. But, many of the knit ties have no label or a label that is too narrow or the label is on the thin end. Is one supposed to tuck in the narrow end of a knit tie or is it supposed to flop about sloppily and freely?
Good Luck!!! I did the same thing 12 years ago and I have not looked back. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
This particular shirt was folded after being laundered. Usually, I will leave the shirt on the wired hanger from the cleaners.
Invariably, whatever dress shirt I've bought (Lewin, Armani, Tyrwhitt, Boss, etc.) or had made (Jantzaen, MyTailor, Saks, etc.) my collars wind up looking terrible with the button area bending and folding down. It looks very sloppy and ill fitting. Why??? How do I get a shirt collar that lays flat and looks clean and neat? (A related question: Why do collars such as this one that appear large enough to wear comfortably, still wind up stangling me?) This a Lewin...
Since polishing Paul Smith shoes seems to be the relevant topic: What polish to use on my black Corso's so that the white stitching is preserved? If I use black polish I'm fearful it will turn the stitching black.
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