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This particular shirt was folded after being laundered. Usually, I will leave the shirt on the wired hanger from the cleaners.
Invariably, whatever dress shirt I've bought (Lewin, Armani, Tyrwhitt, Boss, etc.) or had made (Jantzaen, MyTailor, Saks, etc.) my collars wind up looking terrible with the button area bending and folding down. It looks very sloppy and ill fitting. Why??? How do I get a shirt collar that lays flat and looks clean and neat? (A related question: Why do collars such as this one that appear large enough to wear comfortably, still wind up stangling me?) This a Lewin...
Since polishing Paul Smith shoes seems to be the relevant topic: What polish to use on my black Corso's so that the white stitching is preserved? If I use black polish I'm fearful it will turn the stitching black.
I just bought a couple of their knit ties. Let's see about the quality...
I just brought some suits to Orchard Street Tailors. They will be much less than what you were quoted but I can't speak to their quality until I pick up my suits.
Astan, You may want to also look at the Debaufre Nav B. It is very similar to the Stwoa Airman but comes in larger sizes 44mm and 48 mm. They are slightly cheaper than the Stowa but their quality is supposedly excellent. http://store.debaufre.com/Nav-B-s/6.htm
I just received my order as well. Great socks and tremendously fast shipping (Ordered on Fri. and received on Mon). Thanks
Jonathan, What is the width of the knit ties?
I just received my first order of Lewin shirts. I must say I am very impressed. The shirts are reasonably slim-fitting; the collars appear to structured well and not as hard and stiff as Charles Tyrwhitt shirts and the fabric is impressive. For under $40 a shirt it simply cannot be touched.
FYI, fellow SF member selling black Corso boots (similar to the Sundance IIRC): http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=90810
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