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Taylors Avocado WAS excellent before they changed the formula a couple of years ago.
UT; a band near and dear but not quite "old" enough; me thinks
The band that helped pave the way for alternative rock: BIG STAR
My Weber Genesis has finally died and in retrospect I really wasn't that impressed with it. Despite the fact that it always rates very high with Consumer Reports, I have to believe there are better options out there; such as Brinkman, CharBroil, etc. Can anyone recommend a decent gas grill in the $750 price range?
Stayed there a few years ago; We had reserved 4 nights but left after the first night upon discovering a major ant infestation in the bathroom. Yuck.
I'm confused as well. In your WTB thread for the same jacket, you bumped the thread yesterday with 'Anyone'? What the hell is that? Are you that desperate to unload the jacket? Nice work genius
Too bad peeps. I got all y'all beat. Drum roll please.......................... 9 No matter. Walking is for all of you lefty leaning "global warming" environmentalists. Me, I simply hop into my H2 and I can be anywhere I need to be within 20 mins. Boom!!!
First and last Price Reduction : Price now $550
Beautiful Brand New With Tags RLBL Suit - 44R - Charcoal Glen Plaid. Made in Italy by Caruso. Same exact suit as featured here (with the obvious exception that my suit is a 44R): (I hope cksnipe doesn't mind me linking his thread) Price - $550 - Including shipping to CONUS. PayPal only. Thanks
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