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Can anyone comment on how long it usually takes to get email confirmation that an order has shipped? I received an email confirming my order, but I'm now concerned that the item I ordered may be out of stock (I ordered the Clayton chino jacket on 4/29/09 and today it's nowhere to be found). Thanks
Code: Really Uniqlo? Really? Do people also hawk Walmart or K-Mart on "Style" forum? Apparently they do; at 100% to 200% markup.
Quote: Yes, I'm probably doomed to plaintiff's personal injury. Doomed? Don't knock it until you try it.
Was the second episode any better than the first??
Pete Townshend Bob Dylan Van Morrison Paul Simon Neil Finn
I still don't get the fascination with Magnolia Bakery. Nor for that matter do I get the fascination with Crumbs. Both are average at best.
Really disappointed in this new animated series by Arrested Development creator Michael Hurwitz. A few good laughs courtesy of Gob, but other than that, really unfunny.
I'm right down the block; any other suits in 42L?
What is the current pricing for the modified BB OCBD's?
PM sent on blue Lauren knit tie
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