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In terms of quality and sleekness of last? Please don't suggest C & J which is at least another $200 more, barring some miracle. Also, I would not consider Meermin based on quality issues and slow shipping times. Anything else to consider? Thanks
Knowing that it is purely subjective but which do most Alden afficionados prefer with cotton chinos, snuff suede or tan unlined chukkas?
Very upset to miss out on Leathersoul's chocolate suede tanker's. I assume there are no other similar options anywhere?
I missed out on the Leffot pre-order for these amazing pebble grain LWB's: http://leffot.com/shop/alden-x-leffot-longwing-black-alpine-grain-reserve-order-copy/ I would give a small fortune if I could find them or something similar in a 10D.
Anyone know if shirts will be a part of the '5 days of savings' sale?
Starting a new job where casual fridays are the norm. I anticipate my Friday uniform to consist of khaki and navy slacks. Which shoe is more aesthetically pleasing and versatile, longwings or chukka boots (Alden, regardless)? Thanks
I'm confused. Why the reluctance to disclose who makes the bag? With all due respect, what does your review have to do with providing the manufacturer?
Are we ready to disclose the maker of the briefcase?
Looks good. Can I ask what the source was for the original picture in the 1st post?
New Posts  All Forums: