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Is there a way to access the Dutch outlet site from the US?
Truly astonished at SuitSupply Outlet shipping. Ordered yesterday at approx 11 am. Shipped from the Netherlands the same day and received in NYC today, less than 24 hours later. The packaging is equally amazing as it came in an oversized garment box.
Will a SuitSupply store do alterations on an outlet suit?
Delete. PM sent...
I'll be ordering a pair of the Loake Aldwych thanks to the pediwear promotion mentioned in this thread. I usually wear a 10.5 medium width, US. I've been advised to order the Aldwych in 10 UK. Does this sound right? Thanks
PSA. Urban Outfitters in Paramus, NJ, is selling the Original Briefcase in green for $99.99. I just ordered one over the phone and received the confirming email seconds later. Good Luck
Thanks for the responses. I'll stop by CT to look at their shoes, although the complaints that their shoes look much better in pictures than they do in the store is spot on.
In terms of quality and sleekness of last? Please don't suggest C & J which is at least another $200 more, barring some miracle. Also, I would not consider Meermin based on quality issues and slow shipping times. Anything else to consider? Thanks
Knowing that it is purely subjective but which do most Alden afficionados prefer with cotton chinos, snuff suede or tan unlined chukkas?
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