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I understand it's not an offer, but I would be willing to buy the following 2 ties for $80 via paypal: -Camel w/ Green Deco Glen Plaid -Navy w/ Blue Deco Glen Plaid Kindly let me know. Delivery would be local to Suffolk County, NY. Thanks
Any new current codes?
Thanks gayish. I'm contemplating this coat as an overcoat. I'm usually a 40L. In your opinion, would a 42 work for me if I'm wearing a suit underneath? Are you happy with the quality of the coat? Additional advanced pics would be great. Thanks
Any current codes?
gayish, How warm/heavy is the coat?
There is a '$25 off your first order' code floating around...
Perfect. Thanks
Thanks, but that leads to their main Netherlands site, not the outlet, no?
Is there a way to access the Dutch outlet site from the US?
Truly astonished at SuitSupply Outlet shipping. Ordered yesterday at approx 11 am. Shipped from the Netherlands the same day and received in NYC today, less than 24 hours later. The packaging is equally amazing as it came in an oversized garment box.
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