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I purchased this pair of boots from a fellow Styleforum member, but never used them myself. They fit a bit big for me. There are a few scuffs but otherwise no wear. I would like to sell them for what I payed - $150 shipped to continental US. I'll eat the 4% for paypal and I will ship them out the day after I receive payment. Thanks.
Thanks, just placed an order with the code.
Its also that the code is working - I look at your site more often because of the discount.
"Not sure whether to laugh or cry." : cry.
I purchased a wings and horns item from Rover! and it was a very smooth transaction. He shipped very quickly and item was exactly as described - would deal again.
I am pleased with my aeron chair. After the first week I used it I haven't had to consider it again for any reason. Its looks may turn some away, and if I was using it in a more refined context I would opt for something else.
I am very happy with an inexpensive system in my studio, so I'll share the pieces for the prospective buyers among us. This system is used almost exclusively for music but doesn't hesitate if pressed into home theater use. PC (itunes) with kx effects (active crossover and correction) - free 80's Yamaha Amp (~40w/ch) - free Monitor Audio BR2 - $200 used Velodyne CT100 sub - $75 used occasional grado sr-80 use
I am looking for a pair of size 28 APC rescues in indigo, they seem hard to locate. Please PM, thanks.
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