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Alright fellas, looking to pick up another pair of low straights. I have a pair in rinse that haven't stretched as much as I expected in the waist. They fit pretty snug in the waist. I was debating between sizes and bought the snugger pair because I was expecting 1-2 inches of stretch. Should I buy a pair that is slightly less snug next time? Do they not stretch that much? I kept hearing how much they stretch, but not mine. Appreciate any feedback. Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThatGuy Mis-informed and let's blame it on Asian. Rolex churns out a large volume of luxury watches. I would wager that the defect rate is comparable to small exclusive watch companies. OP, I would say you experienced a one-off bad piece from LV. They are excellent products overall. Misinformed? It's my opinion. I'm not blaming "Asian", it simple - higher volume means more difficult to maintain quality. That's...
More quanity = less quality. The internet and Asian markets have probably affected quality control. How could it not?
I second Yank Sing. I hear Koi Palace is excellent. Ton Kiang is overrated, IMO. Yank Sing is not cheap, but the quality is better than what you will get at the less expensive places.
Love these. How much do these run? Am guessing about $1,000 or so?
Anyone own any Trickers on the 81 last? Trying to figure out my sizing so that I can order a pair of MTO boots. I know my size in CJ, so if anyone can provide any insight, I'd be very grateful. Thanks.
These are sweet. Someone needs these.
Dark midnight blue and numerous shades of gray.
Great feedback. Thanks. I may try Carlos'. It's convenient for me too. Regarding Jacks, I used to work near there and used him on occasion for basic repairs etc., and he did an adequate job, but he's not open on weekends (I live in, but work outside of, the city). He's a surly fellow though.
Thanks for the suggestions. May have to check out TIp Top or Anthonys. Reviews on Anthony's on Yelp aren't stellar. Seems quality has slipped recently. Anyone tried Carlos' on 3rd Street?
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