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I started this habit late last summer. I think I'll be a year rounder. I think the colder weather is what inspired me to drink smokier, peatier single malts. I think I'll probably get back into Speysides and lighter scotches in the summer. Summer in SF isn't really summer anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 They're much more than $350/shirt. A shirt in fabric comparable to Charvet's offerings from a HK shirtmaker will cost $300-400. In any event, you might save some money buying shirts from HK, but the savings won't cover the flight and hotel for your trip. Not if you know a wholesale fabric supplier. Seriously though, that was my point, $350 was a conservative estimate. Regarding HK prices, I've never been...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I can't tell... is this a joke? $60 for 60-Minute Men's Facial at Castro Day Spa lefty Nothing short of brilliant.
I have a Charvet shirt that is quite nice, but overpriced and overrated, IMO. Plus, who has time to handwash and iron shirts? What is the cost of making one shirt at Charvet? Assuming it's at least $350 per shirt (a conservative estimate, no doubt), if you make 10 shirts, it's cheaper to fly to Hong Kong, stay in a 5 star hotel for a few days, make 10 shirts in the finest fabric from a quality tailor and you might even have enough left over for a fully canvassed top...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 Not really scotch but yamazaki 12 is fantastic. Stuff at work has made me go through almost half a bottle in 2 days If you like the 12, you will love the 18. Yamazaki 18 is truly excellent stuff. I had a bottle of the 12 and I liked it (not as much as you though), but then I tried the 18 and it's so much better. Not ridiculously expensive at around $100. If you have the means, buy it.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII I'm inordinately fond of Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig QC or 18. I had a bottle of Arbeg Uigeadail about a year ago and actually thought it pushed the peat a little too far. Then I received a bottle of 1990 Nam Beist as a gift from a customer a month or so ago and what a difference! I think the Nam Beist is probably my favourite Islay yet. That said I got a bottle of Craggenmore 12 for Christmas and find it extremely...
Laphroaig 10 is a bold start. Am surprised you liked it.. You must be a natural. It took time for me to appreciate it. Now, I prefer something a little peatier than what I used to like, although I appreciate the distinct characteristics of all the regions.
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Tripped over a rock in the office today and scuffed the top of my cigar PTBs. Was skeptical of the "just brush it" repair tip but this is how it looked after 20 seconds of brushing. Kind of amazing. I'll do more when I wax them eventually, as you can see some scuffs that didn't totally brush out. Pretty amazing, actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by tv2177 can anyone give me some suggestion about the difference between the slim fit and low straight? i m debating which one to get. all i know is that slim fit fits a lil higher on waist and low stright is lower and the leg rooms seem about the same. anyone got any ideas? Actually, I thought they were slimmer through the leg. We'll let the experts chime in...
A great deal considering the condition (from the way it was described) and how difficult they are to get. Someone is going to be happy.
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