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Quote: Originally Posted by vinshter My CJ UK6.5E is a tigher fit than the Peal 7.5D, so if the 7.5 is very snug for you, I'd go with a 7. If you have a little extra room, go with the CJ 6.5. I think the 337 last is roomier than the Peal on the 240 last. Thanks again, great advice. I think I'm going with the 6.5 and will swap it if necessary. Thanks everyone for the help. Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by vinshter English sizing seems to run really big for me. I normally wear a US 8 or 8.5D, and I sized down to a UK6.5E on the 337 last. My feet are slightly on the wide side, but dont take up a lot of "volume" because I have a low instep. I found the 7 to have too much volume, causing the quarters on the vamp to touch when laced without providing a tight fit. You can probably go to a Brooks Brothers store and try on one of...
Thank you all. It seems the 7 may be the way to go (although Grimslade seems to think I should go with an 8 - obviously a typo). Deciding between the Weymouth in dark brown or the Clifford in antique tan. Both look stunning to my eyes (at least based on the stock photos I have found).
I am relatively new to the site and have researched this question thoroughly, and still feel that I need a bit of guidance and could use your collective knowledge. I'm looking to buy a pair of the Crockett and Jones handgrades in the 337 last. Here is my conundrum: I measure an 8D (between a C and D, closer to D, in other words, my foot is slightly narrow). I have never purchased, nor have I been able to try any British shoes, but I have tried on the following (my...
I live in California and am visiting Hong Kong right now. Bummed I missed the sales, although Testoni was 50% the first day I got here (no longer), too bad they only fit wide feet. Anyone know any outlets where I can find good dress shoes discounted? Been to the ISA stores, selection is decent, but not great (mostly sneaker type shoes). If I'm going to pay full price, I can buy back home, but hoping to find a deal or two. Thanks much for any advice.
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