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Slighly off point, but last time I returned something at a PRL store that I paid cash for, they had to mail a check to me. It was only a couple of hundred dollars. If you paid cash, they should refund cash. Was annoyed to find out that I had to wait 2 weeks for a check. Silly. Moral of the story - only use a credit card at PRL stores.
A perfect day. Milan win and Inter lose.
The jackets look to be on the short side.
Quote: Originally Posted by cyc wid it Macallan 18 and Balvenie 17 (Madeira cask) are pretty good values in my book. A good bourbon never hurt either. I actually think Macallan 18 is overpriced. $140 where I live. IMO, Highland Park 18 is a better value at $100.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama Oogy is amazing. I'm drinking some now. I might be in the minority, but for the money I think Mac 18 is hugely overrated. Macallan 18 is slightly overrated, although it's what made me realize how good single malts can be. I bought a bottle last summer on a whim (to replace a bottle of Macallan 12) and it blew me away. It was my gateway into single malts and now that's all I drink. Now that I've had a number of...
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 god damn. really? i've seen it for $85 but after shipping i may as well get it from MI and it's $105 price tag. Same here in SF, 79.99. This is the Talisker 18 right?
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog I'm beginning to lean that way. Yet you managed to get them too big! I meant 1/2 size bigger. Sorry. They were too small.
Quote: Originally Posted by denning I have a bottle and very much enjoy it. But it has it's place. I would almost think of it as a summer scotch. It is a lighter and fruitier scotch. For $35 I would definitely pick up a bottle. I have to agree, $35 is a steal. You can definitely taste the dessert wine influence in it. Would also agree that it's a nice summer bottle. If you ever have a chance to try the Glenmorangie Astar, IMO, it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Waistcoat Welcome to the land of Australia, where shipping costs plus a ridiculous duty jacks the price up on everything. The cheapest single malt I've seen is Glenlivet/fiddich for around $50, it just goes up from there. Uigeadail is, wait for it, $135... Bummer. That would make this a much more expensive habit. Next time I drop $100 on a bottle I will remind myself that it would cost double in Australia.
Brush that area vigorously and with firm pressure and they should improve.
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