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Thanks. So it's similar to Royal Mail from the UK. For what it's worth, I searched the forums before posting and I may have overlooked the information, but didn't find anything on point.
Hello, considering buying something from a vendor in Italy who is offering a better deal if he ships via Post Italiane? Anyone have any experience with them? Curious about timing and potential customs fees. Appreciate any insight. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 I ordered my moto back when only one shade of grey was offered - I think it's now labeled mid gray. Grey leather jackets often have noticeable brown undertones because of the relatively light shades to which they're dyed, so you may want to consider other colours if you don't want that. My moto had the undertones even when it was new - it's especially apparent as it ages and in moderate to harsh...
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 My grey moto now has a noticeable brownish tint to it. I don't particularly dislike it, but I do kind of miss the hue it had. Maybe some leather conditioner would help. Am contemplating ordering a grey jacket, may I ask which shade has developed a brownish tint, the light, medium or dark? This may affect my decision. Definitely don't want a brownish grey jacket. Thanks.
Very nice! I'm quite interested, but am not familiar with the "232700" series. Therefore, pretty much impossible to buy without measurements. Would be nice to (i) know how many buttons it has, (ii) know how many vents it has and (iii) see a photo that shows the entire jacket. Just some thoughts. Best of luck with the sales.
I bought three of them last year and have worn and washed them a lot (cold wash, low dryer) and they have shrunk a bit. Most shrinkage was during the first wash and dry. Since then, it has been minimal. They've held up quite well. Minimal fading as well. I can't compare fit to the Polo custom fits, but quality is at least as good. I suggest you try them on though, because even though all of mine are size M, one of them is noticeably shorter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron01 The 9.75% sales tax, 10% state income tax (if you make over $40k/yr) and typically the highest gas prices (I got cheap gas for $4.31 today ) in the nation more than makes up for the booze prices. Couldn't agree more. Scotch prices are decent, but only if you know where to shop. SF has some great stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by Virginia Dandy 18th scudetto for Milan. Eighth title in eight seasons for Ibra. That's just crazy. A thing of beauty. Amen. End of the run for the merda, finally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. Yay it's here! Tried this recently and decided to pick up a bottle. I concur that it's quite good, and the pricepoint is reasonable, IMO.
If only my legs were 3 inches shorter... Very nice!
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