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1.25" all the way. Not a fan of the 1" belt.
Two words for you... Ed Hardy.
Frankly, this sums up the entire RLBL line.
Nice. Where can I find a strap like that? Looks awesome on that watch. Love the blue on blue.
I concur. I was quite excited when I saw the prices and that they had my size, until I saw that rise measurement. The pants look pretty snug in the photo too. You can almost see male camel toe.
NWT Barbour Ariel Jacket Size - M (slim fit, but true to size for a M) Color - Stone Material - 100 polyamide exterior Lightweight quilt (a perfect summer or fall jacket). Inner zip pocket. Approximate Measurements: Shoulders (end of seam to end of seam): 17.75 (I usually need 18 in, but this fits me) Chest: 21 in Sleeve: 26 in Back Length (not including collar) - 27.5 in Please PM any questions. Thanks.
The Santos is a timeless classic. I have a Tank Francaise, but agree that the movement is crap. I have a Rolex that keeps much more precise time. I probably wouldn't buy another Cartier because I have since learned that there are other beautiful watches with better movements. Just my honest opinion...
ABNWT Pringle Sportcoat Price - Not sure who makes this, but here is a discussion on this very jacket that compares quality to Caruso/Zegna. It's half lined and is quite nice. 100% wool (year round weight) Size 42R, but measures like a 40R Approximate Measurements: Shoulders - 18 Chest Across - 21 Sleeve Length - 26.75 (can be shortened) Back Length (not including collar) -...
NWT Ralph Lauren RRL Low Straight jeans Wash - Antique Indigo (great wash, no tears or holes or premade marks, but too small for me, unfortunately) Price - ___ (including shipping CONUS, paypal personal or please add fees) Size - 32 x 34 Approximate Measurements: Waist across (with front pulled up even with the back) - 16.5 Waist across (without front pulled up even with back) - 16 Inseam 34.5 Rise 10.5 Please pm with any questions. Thanks.
NWOT Samuelsohn Sportcoat - (shipping CONUS included, paypal personal or fees added) Perfect unused condition. I bought it from a seller on this forum last year, but never wore it because it's slightly too big for me. The only alteration was to lengthen the sleeves. The tailor added a 5th button (not my request) that can easily be removed. It's really beautiful and I'm bummed it's too large for me. Even the buttons are quite nice. 2 Button Lovely Prince of Wales...
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