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Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Please make some more of these! Would buy in the quickness!!!!!!!!11111111 Anyone able to identify these shoes? Thanks!
Everyone here hates black shoes. Ignore it. Blanket statements about black shoes and blue jeans are just silly. Wear what you want and ignore rules, black or brown can look fine with jeans. Setting that aside, I would definitely not go with the second one. The first is underwhelming, but definitely better than the second. Best of luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by AncientSoul Thanks to the power of internet, we now have access to offerings from European shoe makers in the $400-600 catagory. I would buy C&J, A&S etc. over Alden anyday. Same. The irony is that somewhere in Europe they are clamoring to get Aldens.
Alden is already overpriced, IMO. But they can do it to keep up with demand. The ever increasing collaborations have increased demand, not to mention their popularity in Asia.
Quote: Originally Posted by killercadi Who is Vittorio? Bump. Is this a secret?
Dammnit. Stopped reading when I saw "double pleats" on the 40R. The kiss of death... Jokes aside, best of luck with the sales!
Pantherella socks? The rack in SF is utter crap. They typically have Calvin Klein (or worse quality) socks that cost more than that and a bunch of hideous Kate Spade glasses that are sitting in a scuffed up pile.
I have a $500 Nordstrom gift card. That's a lot of undershirts. I wish they'd let me cash it like they used to.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII I'm inordinately fond of Lagavulin 16 and Laphroaig QC or 18. I had a bottle of Arbeg Uigeadail about a year ago and actually thought it pushed the peat a little too far. Then I received a bottle of 1990 Nam Beist as a gift from a customer a month or so ago and what a difference! I think the Nam Beist is probably my favourite Islay yet. That said I got a bottle of Craggenmore 12 for Christmas and find it extremely...
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