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Fellow SF residents, can anyone recommend a good place to repair (fix, topy etc.) some shoes? I'm hesitant to take my nicer shoes to some random guy in Chinatown. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Two words: Ed Hardy.
They don't look too bad that short, but they would still look better if they were the right length. I see no benefit to wearing floods. Don't think I've ever seen anyone in person pull it off, except maybe the Thom Browne or bow tie crowd.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnnyrich7 Lots of brushing. Try a toothbrush. I watched the salesman in the Alden store brush out a scratch using one for a customer.
Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG The Shoemart has the NST boot on the Aberdeen last in Ravello or #8. Thanks, yes. It's the only place I had seen them, but they don't have my size in #8. Looking for black or #8. Appreciate it though. They will get more in due time, from what they told me.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 +1,000 Aberdeen is such an attractive last. I think there are a lot of people who can't wear it though because the toebox is too tight. From a retailer's perspective, I can see how the Plaza would be ideal -- sleek, but enough room around the foot to have it work for more people. I agree. The Aberdeen is by far the best looking Alden last, IMO. A fair point regarding the toe box. Would be nice to see...
J. Gilbert appears to be enamored with the Plaza last and commando soles. I'd like to see them make some boots on the aberdeen last and with a double leather sole.
My top 2: Italian British The rest are interchangeable.
Agreed, a horsehair brush is precisely what you need. There must have been some sort of misunderstanding. I use one to polish my CJs (and every other pair of shoes that I own, except the shell cordovan ones).
Nice fabric. Personally, I would go blue shirt (not too light or too dark) with light grey trousers. You could pull off navy too, with the same blue shirt.
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