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Thanks again for the replies. I'm told EMS only insures up to $500, if my item is worth more, it seems the risk loss over $500 may outweigh customs duty if shipped via Fed ex. Conundrum. Any thoughts? I have been told some businesses ship EMS for items over $500, but wondering if they just insure to $500 and take the risk or if I'm missing something.
Thank you all for your replies. From what I'm told, EMS is the best method of shipment and most recipients don't play customs fees upon receipt in the U.S., similar to Royal Mail and other services that hand over to the USPS. I'll find out...
Considering buying a watch from Singapore. Seller is willing to ship to the U.S. via Fed Ex or Speedpost. Hoping to minimize customs fees/duty. I believe Speedpost delivers via the USPS. Is it similar to Royal Mail (never paid customs fees on anything shipped to the U.S. via Royal Mail. If you have any experiences you could share, I'd be grateful. Thanks very much in advance.
Hi, do you have the measurements for this? Is there a rear vent? Is the exterior 100% wool? Thanks.
Thank you!
Nice choices. Can you identify the colors you chose? Especially curious what the second from the right is. Thanks much.
Reviving an old one - any suggestions on sizing? I seem to recall them being on the very slim side. I like a fitted sweater, but it must accomodate a short sleeve shirt under it and I believe I tried on a Cruciani sweater a couple of years ago that was actually quite tight. If I typically wear a 40 suit, would one recommend a 40 or 42 sweater? Thanks for any advice.
Excellent taste, sir. Looks identical, or very close to identical. Is your watch quite noisy? It sounds ridiculous, but mine is quite loud. I can hear the movement spinning. I have a Cartier that can be a bit loud from time to time, but nothing like the Longines...
My new Longines La Grande Classique Presence. Swapped the shiny crocodile embossed band with the slightly heftier matte alligator embossed band. It fits because the case isn't ultra thin (which is one reason I bought it, it can be dressed up, but looks fine dressed down). Not the clearest photo, but good enough to get a feel for it...
This is my pen. I'm not a dealer or retailer. I received this as a gift a few years ago and it has been sitting in my drawer since then. Type of Pen: ballpoint Materials: platinum plated and black resin (this is beautiful and I will likely just keep it if I don't sell) Retail price: $670 My price: $399 plus $20 for shipping and insurance (will ship UPS). Payment via paypal personal (net of any fees, if any, which will be your responsibility). My price is very fair...
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