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My measurements are: Height: 5'9" with a short-ish torso Chest: 39" Waist: 31" Sleeve length: 34.5" Shoulders are significantly broader than average. I've been trying to find a new brand of t-shirt. I don't mind hemming them, but I'd rather not have to fit the waist. I just have uncommon proportions so t-shirts never fit properly. Urban Outfitters BDG shirts used to fit great a few years ago, but now they're super baggy in the body. And it seems most brands including...
I found this thread for anyone else: http://www.styleforum.net/t/322977/the-semi-official-slutty-t-shirts-thread/15
I'm getting some t-shirts hemmed as they're always too long. I googled quickly and standard seems to be halfway down the zipper or at about jeans pocket height. Is this correct? I guess it will be different depending on your own proportions. If this is standard, I'll probably eyeball it +/- 1 cm to what looks best. Also, I washed and dried them once. Should this be enough? Will they significantly shrink with repeated washings? Thanks.
That's awesome. Thanks. For anyone else, it looks like Uniqlo doesn't ship to Canada either.
I guess Alternative Apparel doesn't ship internationally. I'm from Canada. Bummer. They have some nice stuff and, besides button downs, I pretty much just wear blank t-shirts.
Those both look really good guys. Thanks a lot.
Thanks for the advice. But any cheaper options guys? I wouldn't spend more than $30 on a t-shirt. $40 maybe if it was excellent quality, perfect fit, etc. I have only a few posts in 8 years. I'm nowhere near as hardcore as you guys
Hey guys. I got some wider necked t-shirts from Zara recently. I really prefer them to the ordinary crew necks that are tight around the neck. They are the "deluxe cotton" edition shirts shown here: http://static.zara.net/photos//2016/V/0/2/p/0722/405/506/2/w/1920/0722405506_2_2_1.jpg?timestamp=1450181074789 http://static.zara.net/photos///2016/V/0/2/p/0722/400/800/2/w/1920/0722400800_1_1_1.jpg?ts=1450181051640 In person they are a bit wider necked than that. Nothing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Yamas Suggest Levis 514 or H&M Sliqs. Affordable, nice, available in raw, or unraw depending on what you want. thanks. aren't those skinny fit? I should've mentioned that I'm a 32/30 and have large legs and ass from weightlifting. I have to wear relaxed fit in almost any brand even though I like my jeans to fit fairly snug. Does H&M have jeans for bigger legs? What about stores like urban outfitters and zara?
Hey guys. I've never done much jean shopping in my life. All of my jeans I've bought at either gap or express. I went into gap to get some new jeans (since only one pair fits well anymore) and I couldn't find any that I liked. I also don't have an express where I live. I'm not looking for raw denim, japanese, diesel, etc. I'm not even looking for sevens/true religion/rocknrepublic/etc. since they are really expensive where I live in Canada. I need some...
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