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great buying experience with ghsv81. Excellent communication and fast shipping! Thanks.
don't even need ask, you know the answer here at SF is "always"
gorgeous! Find me a 53" chest with 21.5" shoulders, 25.5" sleeves, and 33" length
thanks for the necro post of a thread from 17 months ago
if (make that a big IF) this passes regulatory approval, we're talking about 9 months to a year at least for that to happen. By then, the world will be over due to the whole 2012 thing. So no need to worry.
definitely "spoo-rific"!!
Ritz on 7-mile beach Grand Cayman absolutely gorgeous water and beach.. fantastic service!
I've got a couple of used sport coats.. spring/fall colors... I'll get some pics and measurements to you by Saturday.
bump for a great seller and one of the few remaining true gentlemen
gorgeous! Wish it was a few sizes larger
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