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linen shirt with a kevlar vest underneath.
beautiful shoes!! Agree with others that encourage a "virtual" store right in B&S.. at least an early limited release
great buying experience with ghsv81. Excellent communication and fast shipping! Thanks.
don't even need ask, you know the answer here at SF is "always"
gorgeous! Find me a 53" chest with 21.5" shoulders, 25.5" sleeves, and 33" length
thanks for the necro post of a thread from 17 months ago
if (make that a big IF) this passes regulatory approval, we're talking about 9 months to a year at least for that to happen. By then, the world will be over due to the whole 2012 thing. So no need to worry.
definitely "spoo-rific"!!
Ritz on 7-mile beach Grand Cayman absolutely gorgeous water and beach.. fantastic service!
I've got a couple of used sport coats.. spring/fall colors... I'll get some pics and measurements to you by Saturday.
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