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Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Berluti bespoke ankle boots with cool trees: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT wow.. they are nice.. but $2100+ seriously?
great deal. these are going for $440+ on fleabay
LOVE IT!!! http://autos.yahoo.com/articles/auto...ng-on-the-way/
too small for me but a great seller!!
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM Rider Boot Co. Cordovan black boots, size 11, no bids at $395. I'm wearing my Rider wingtip boots today (commando sole good for the snow but unfortunately not shell). I love these, if you wear an 11, this could be a great deal! I figured I'd give these a try... was kind of surprised no other bids.. made it a low-cost "try out".. if they don't work I'll either put them up on B&S for same price or flip on eBay.
Quote: Originally Posted by PipersSon Thanks for the answer, much appreciated. In other words, no seconds and not many chances of lower priced shoes for cheap-asses like me..... nope.. and they are great shoes. I have a pair of RR's whiskey cordovan chukkas.. got them from Ron through his eBay store.. great seller, great product and a nice guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's ....... IMO your first handgun should not be a center fire. Get yourself a good 22 revolver or semi auto. Ruger makes an excellent 22 semi auto and same goes for S&W and revolvers. A 22 takes the gun out of the equation when learning marksmanship. By that I mean the recoil is minimal so you won't develop things like flinch, recoil anticipation and so on. Ammo is cheap and accurate so that means you can practice a...
Quote: Originally Posted by darnelled love this one with the handicap tag hanging off the rear-view.
is there a "stiffer" bristle brush out there made especially for cordovan? Seems like my standard brush isn't working the horsehide as much as I'd like it or need it to.
great seller here.. excellent communication and super fast shipping!
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