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Amnon... why these and why now...?? They are gorgeous.. and if Mr. Tax Man (aka Uncle Sam) wasn't exacting his pound of flesh right now I'd be all over them! For you 11.5'ers out there.. buy with confidence! This is a great seller and I highly recommend!
great transaction with Keroberos. Super fast payment and great communication!
Find Finn's story inspired me to write about my recent Sao Paulo trip. Oh, and the traffic he mentioned... yup, it's really that bad... worse than Beijing and Shanghai combined. Anyway.. I'm in Brasil 4-6 times a year for 2-3 weeks at a stretch. During last year's SP Int'l Auto Show.. I decided to go on a Sunday since I was not doing much at the hotel. I should have picked a diffeent day .. b'cuz Sunday's are typically "family" day and the families were out in full...
hit it on my second choice.. but only because I was looking for "Terrier" characteristics and not the atypical pit bull.
For sale my lovingly worn and cared for pair of Crockett & Jones Handgrades "Belgrave" in Chestnut with Topy soles. They are marked 11.5D and on the 337 they seem to fit TTS. A very slight abrasion on the left shoe toe box (in pic). I truly love these but I'm having to liquidate to pay off a $15K tax bill that is currently collecting penalties & interest I'm asking SOLD$205.00 shipped (CONUS) and they will ship in a generic shoe box (no trees)
Quote: Originally Posted by Sotiris Technically 40.5% off total (not 45%) as first the 30% is applied, and then the additional 15% is taken off the sale price. I stand corrected...
I got a call from my local sales rep at RL.. the shell cord shoes are included in the sale .. 30+15% = 45% off.
other than using starch when we were told not to, "baking" my jump boots to get the mirror shine that lasted a few weeks and putting my wet cover over a #10 can to get that perfect edge on top.. yup, fixed me right on up style-wise
umm.. "the truth"! In all seriousness.... if they are 'serious prospects" they will appreciate you more if you respect their time and you want to make sure you are maximizing yours. If you've engaged and discussed your "value prop" and have agreed that there is a broken business process you can solve... put together a MAP "Mutually Agreed Plan" that defines steps, schedules, mutual responsibilities in the process, etc. And stick to the MAP. If there really isn't an...
Quote: Originally Posted by closerlook does the op have a time machine as well? if so, then put me down for a pair of Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovan - Full Brogue Budapester in a 11.5D, preferably in a whiskey or brown color.. m'kay. Thanks.
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