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Keep on pimpin pimp! Gorgeous.
HP should double-down on the corporate market and dominate. Then they can start thinking about the commercial space and hope they have a following and their apps marketplace has begun to develop. Apple is going the other direction.. and I'm starting to see them in the corp space as well but there is some resistance from the IT departments to adopt the iPad as a corp standard.
great looking setup. I'm not much into the LED bling.. but the graphics card seems rock solid. I'd rather see more RAM... maybe something like 8gb Corsair (I've had always good experiences with Corsair) oh.. and why the Home version and not Pro?
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I tried to locate the factory by just google mapping "Everett, WA". Took 1 min. interesting activity.. never tried that before. Did you catch the aircraft carrier at the dock?
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 $1 a share is a lousy strike price for a privately held co. IMO +1 .. should be in the pennies.. or in the .05 range
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR great seller, now with an organized thread +1 Great seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard The keys to great salesmanship are, in order of importance, customer insight and flexibility. Insight into your target buyer -- org structures, needs, politics, decisionmaking flows and hierarchies, industry position, etc. -- is crucial. It basically tells you exactly what your buyer would like to buy. Flexibility is the other component, and there is a tiny bit of amorality to it. Chances are, your product or...
ask him his opinion on the frenchie IMF dude.. and whether he would have let the housekeeping lady off the hook without a full release..
icon from an era gone by... damn, I didn't even know Elizabeth was dead too
will jump the shark with Kutcher
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