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I definitely have to +1 this sentiment
sadly true. Really, the only late gen mmorpg that did pvp (realm vs realm) kinda right.
I agree ^ Sinn is an exceptional brand and known for great quality. I had an 857 that I sold awhile back.. one of those "geesh, why the heck did I do that?" moments...
dude seems pissed... but he is rocking some benjamins. Should buy himself some speech therapist time to work on that lisp... poor bastard
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Whusurdadi is a reliable seller. Don't buy if you don't want them but please don't make inferences. +1 If I had the cash I'd get one. Whusurdadi is a great seller and his products are always top notch.
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Used gator strap for a deployment - great deal, or buy one from the dealer for about $300. Shit, I need to sell a few of mine.... may even knock off 5% to move 'em quick.
If you're looking for a 2-3 year vidcard I think you are better served getting something that you can grow into. In addition, make sure your mobo has the ability to crossfire. This will allow for future upgrades. I'm building a gaming desktop with a GTX 580
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Big sizes sell VERY well on ebay - since there's much more demand there... They sell well here too depending on size Speaking of size, Lawman, do you have measurements?
wear comfortable shoes!! oh, and spend lotsa money!!
Quote: Originally Posted by saer It is fairly hard to sell full gaming rigs, especially on a fashion forum. You'd have much better luck parting it out on a computer forum. Not necessarily. We have quite a few gamers here, myself included. As well, there have been gaming systems sold here fairly frequently. To OP, good luck with the sale!
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