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Odero or Oddero? The latter is very fine.
Will be putting this down for a few more years.
Birthday present from a friend.
Canaiolo FTW
This.But in today's world of instant gratification, purportedly erasing a decade's-long wait for aging (which we all know these gimmicks don't do) appeals to too many.
Have had blenderized wines... improved a couple. Btu mostly it made them too, too soft for my liking - yet the guy doing it and his friends loved it. They like weak wines IMO.
IIRC Langhe Bianco is usually Sauv Blanc & Chard
I think my cheese shop knows you are going Another couple in Friday are MN ex-pats living in Spain near Madrid. They say hands-down Barcelona is the pick, especially since the economic crash. Barcelona has been more resilient with much more to eat, see and do there and nearby FWIW.
I'd put Spotted Cow on my shop's menu in a heartbeat if they'd sell it in Minnesota. I can see Wisconsin from the store but we can't sell New Glarus, alas.
So happens a customer in the cheese shop yesterday is from Barcelona, he recommended this place: http://www.hotelneri.com/es/
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