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Amarone is one of the few I really only enjoy with considerably more age than that.
Not at over $300 a bottle
These: - looking again perhaps promising? I missed both initiallyChâteau Gombaude de Guillot, Pomerol 1998/00Château Pavie Macquin, St.Emilion 1999.
Horse Heaven Hills.
Thanks for the feedback. I am doing a five course Bordeaux and cheese event this Fall and I have to pull from this list. I'll have input from the distributor and some others of course but I really value your collective input, knowing these are mostly very young. What I could find online of the few late 90's early 00' vintages make me think most are past due. I omitted all the d'Yqem. Obviously out of reach. Then there's the Lynch... But at the price... Tooooo young.
As is well-documented here, French wines are not my strong suit. For the more experienced iGentry, what on this list excites you most - can you please highlight 3-5 that should be good examples and drinking well at this time? what would you avoid at all costs? BORDEAUX Domaine de L’ A, Côtes de Castillon 2006 Château D’ Aiguilhe, Castillon (Von Neipperg) 2010 Château Aney, Haut Medoc 2011 Château d’ Arche, Sauternes 2007 Château les Arroucats, Sainte Croix du Mont...
Nice birthday present from a friend. Shea's smallest production from a top year. Setting down for a bit.
That's the Dalreoch Smoked, right?
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