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Hey- thanks haven't been keeping the thread up but all my cheese time is in the shop right now. Construction should be done 12/25. First inventory showing up 12/26 the rest 12/28. Training 27-30 and opening January 2. I'll be carrying Pleasant Ridge and Marieke - a few things from Capriole too. Does your shop get O'Banon from her?
Aston? They've been teetering on the edge for ages. Ford was happy to jettison them. Since 2008 despite the downturn the luxe car market has grown while Aston's share shrunk. DAR bought 51% then ran out of cash in two years. Aston promptly cut 1/3 of its workforce. Last year a single shareholder kicked in £150m to give them enough cash to try and develop a DB9 replacement. They went to MB because they could not afford to develop their own engine any longer. That's not a...
Current models. Vantage: DB9: Rapide: Vanquish: Zagato: Mind- Aston is working with far less resource than Lambo... and now with AMG making engines for them. Only a 5% stake now but Merc is pretty desperate to find partners to increase market share.
As much as I like AM I agree
What was it Richard Hammond said? Something like, when I was kid we all had Lambo posters in our room. The same kids today would have Zondas.
I don't think Lambo has evolved as much since... oh... the Urraco from 1972....Certainly the Murcielago/Aventadar/gallardo and forward are all very close. I'd argue that, like Porsche, their engine location plus the "bull" styling influence keeps them a in a fairly narrow design range.
More on the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4
I was saying they were simply an Audi in Lamborghini clothing, just that the most common refrain from most critics and commentary sends to be that, since Audi involvement they are more refined and the critics think " that's a shame", but not to say they are still not superb.
Better seat of the pants experience? Most critics say the reskinned R8 aka Lambo is less so... meaning that it's an incredibly better car in many ways... yet no longer has that wooly, edge of a knife craziness that lambos once had.
Friend just moved there, has offices in Seattle and Tacoma. Landed a sweet house in gig harbor for the same price as their MSP home.
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