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Have had good luck with Auslese/Spatlese of the more necro variety.
Glad to hear Coopersmith's is still going strong. Been probably 15 years since I've had a pint there
Similar experiences here though I has less luck in the $20's with the eyetals. Wholesale on the Du Croppio is around $20 so... I imported 6 wheels of Pecorino di Crotone for the pairing and together they are
Don't get me wrong- Italy is by far my favorite choice for wines but I still think Spain may be, collectively, the best values across the board. I find much in the $20's from Spain that is excellent and much less-so with Italian - though still great value.I am pouring a Rosenthal import from Calabria tomorrow night that totally has me Du Croppio “Serra Sanguigna” 70% Gaglioppo, 15% Malvasia Nera 15% Greco Nero.
There is a lot of plonk. And it certainly is a cougar wine.Susanna Balbo's however are pretty good/good value.
Screaming Eagle, Oakville 2011.
Using off bottles and past-dates is common.
The Ermitage Pic san Loup Rose we stocked at the beginning of the summer was quite, if not bone, dry.
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