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I don't know about New York but here we cannot buy retail or at open-to-public auction for further retail sale in our own shop unless the auction is by a licensed alcohol distributor. The law doesn't allow us to buy and resale wines previously-owned by the public or from retail vendors.I could not buy from Sotheby's and resale it (legally).The state auditors here are particularly keen to trace all purchase and resale receipts.I'm told by area distributors than most are...
As pointed out above, typical markup is/is becoming more commonly:Wholesale bottle cost = Retail glass priceRetail bottle price = 4x retail glass price.A bottle that costs me $144 a case would go on our list at $12/48 for example.Depending on the size of the list, you'll often see some of the least expensive wine marked up a bit more and the most expensive a little less. It allows you to put a little nicer bottle on your glass pour list at the top taking a little higher...
Last night was one of my vendor's Fall wine shows... had couple Beaujolais - were much like koolaid... :shrug:
My test sample is admittedly small, and (great) French wines are still my areas of least experience.Just haven't had any I enjoy.
Have never had a Beaujolais I can appreciate.
blau rhymes with "ow" - frahnk-ish
Love Blaufränkisch
Probably the most complex and layered wine I've ever witnessed. Really, really, really complex but also very nuanced. was different with each passing minute. Not big by any means. Lots of graphite, maybe a little spruce/woodsiness. Plenty of fruit throughout. More vanilla than I care for in but still... It's not often that I say a wine needs another several years but this certainly has a lot to give up yet when it opens more.
Well then...
My last bottle of 2005 Malvira Langhe Nebbiolo. Sigh.
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