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Ah... Graeters.
First I've heard. Doubt it is true for every producer. Just like wines, farmers have good and bad years. Larger commodity producers might have to change scale.
I like Skyline once a year...three way. But as a former Cincinnati resident, there are plenty who don't like it.
Cheers. Cheese arrived today.
Then good luck in Chicago and don't move up here to Minneapolis. The wind in downtown Chicago is more than just a nickname.In a town like Chicago- it won't be driving on snow that takes the most getting used to, it will be the ice pack... a very different sort of driving. If you are not accustomed to driving in a northern winter... strongly consider AWD.That and walking over/through the walls of snow/salt slush and ice along every curb.
On the contrary- BMW has said shaving pounds anywhere is very important. For instance:they'll be the first to use hardened glass (think iPhone glass) in all the windows except the windshieldfusing carbon fiber with aluminum rather than 100% aluminum in doorslightweight magnesium structures in the instrument panelall the screws and bolts are aluminumcarbon fiber wheels where allowedIt's not the lightest thing though... blame the batteries, but for all it's advancements a...
Your Smartphone Will Replace Your Car Keys by 2015 GM launches free car-key smartphone app It's not just a smartphone, it's a car key
Does that mean it tastes the same going down as it does coming back up?
I worked with the Beeb up until last year. I have the highest respect for the service they provide globally and the people that work there.
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