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Long Clawson - yup.
Whose Shropshire? Do you know?
I think you're thinking of Morbier and similar cheeses.
As you're in Europe, that couls be one of several French cheeses. Unfortunately, any French ash rind cheeses are virtually impossible to get stateside, including selles-sur-cher.
I live to crush souls through cheese
Yeah. Just for tasting. Good for what it is though that price... Well. I like a number of Tony & Julie's cheeses, The "ancient" cheddar is not my thing. The block cheddars saged for 5,7,10 etc are primarily made to be sour sharp. I much prefer cloth bound cheddars. #1 for me from Wisconsin is Bleu Mont.
Stawley's delicious. Hard to come by stateside. On another note, Rush Creek Reserve is back in production after a year away. Fabulous cheese. Very limited availability this year.
Attending a friend's gathering tonight. He's cooking Italian, pouring 1997 Fontodi Flaccianello and also vintage Heidsieck though I know not which.
New Posts  All Forums: