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Sparkling or still? I've seen once if I recall and no a fellow who likes sparkling/millesimato Gavi that is a little oxidized,What still Cortese I've experienced was bright and noticeably pineapple.
An addition to the shop select list.
Same- love it.Challenge being to find a well-aged + affordable example.
Adding a few things to our short "select" list in the cheese shop.
This does indeed happen.
Consistently delicious.
Yes and yes.
Also look for Brachetto, Like Malvira's "Birbet" for low alcohol sparkling (red in this case). Excellent with chocolate.
Colleague of mine out there (in the industry) told me last night they're predicitng "disaster" for their vintage this year.
Meaning you don't like it enough to spend that or don't like any Rioja under $30?
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