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Glad to hear Coopersmith's is still going strong. Been probably 15 years since I've had a pint there
Similar experiences here though I has less luck in the $20's with the eyetals. Wholesale on the Du Croppio is around $20 so... I imported 6 wheels of Pecorino di Crotone for the pairing and together they are
Don't get me wrong- Italy is by far my favorite choice for wines but I still think Spain may be, collectively, the best values across the board. I find much in the $20's from Spain that is excellent and much less-so with Italian - though still great value.I am pouring a Rosenthal import from Calabria tomorrow night that totally has me Du Croppio “Serra Sanguigna” 70% Gaglioppo, 15% Malvasia Nera 15% Greco Nero.
There is a lot of plonk. And it certainly is a cougar wine.Susanna Balbo's however are pretty good/good value.
Screaming Eagle, Oakville 2011.
Using off bottles and past-dates is common.
The Ermitage Pic san Loup Rose we stocked at the beginning of the summer was quite, if not bone, dry.
St. Croix was propagated to deal with the seasons- I've had a few bottles that were "passable" but widely differing year to year.
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