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A little cheese porn...
Just seeing this - RRB is pretty unique to go along with it's $$$$$$$$$$.There are a few other leaf-wrapped blues around but most are nothing like RRB in flavor or texture. SHakerag Blue from Tennessee is wrapped in whisky-soaked leaves but it's more "barnyardy" in flavor.The best French Roquefort like "Carles" is wet like RRB but often saltier.
And also fascinating... the consistent narrative arch to his life is amazing. Right to the finale on his terms.
Be sure to read the comments from Temple and Fox at this link:
It was an email with Eno-
It wasn't Bowie's first run at cancer - apparently he'd been through treatment before... maybe more than 5 years ago... some are speculating he knew the writing was on the wall and was no longer in treatment, thus why he looked well. Interesting that he resurrected his Station to Station costume in the Lazarus vid.
This one's really hard to take. I was really diving deep into Blackstar. The lyrics, especially the videos for Lazarus and Blackstar take on an entirely new weight now.
$7mil in assets versus $70mil in liabilities...
Nostalgia and a connection to them back in the day.
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