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Been wanting to try Frappato.
Red Rock, Garrotxa, Westcombe Cheddar (Wisconsin-Spain-England) Pecorino La Pecora Nera (Tuscany) Pecorino Sardo (Sardinia) Tenerone (Piedmont)
That's like saying wine is awful or "i don't like goat cheese". Way too many styles, types and ranges of flavor to cast a net so broad. Do you like Manchego?
Three recent Italian additions. Formagella di Montagna Salva Cremasco Pecorino "Signor G" - a very young/soft pecorino
@RedLantern- I've only been crafting a menu now after two years in business, and it's a short list (typically 6-7 each reds and whites, 8-9 "reserve" bottles, and a sparkling or two) so limited experience... but I'd say less is most definitely more on a wine list. And I mean less narrative. Leave it to/train the servers to tell those stories where appropriate. More narrative, IMO, actually narrows appeal- few customers come to a description of wine in the way you might,...
Thanks @Piobaire - a local rep is bringing the Hecula by next week. Certainly inexpensive.
Anybody know the wines from Bodegas CastaƱo?
Over the course of a week? How kept? Fridge or room temp? I've not had any red that I thought was still "good" after 3 days.
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