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As a restaurant/bistro/shop owner the past two years - I now have a whole new appreciation for not taking reservations.Our no-show rate is 80%. People are booking 3-4 different places any given night then choosing the one they want at the last minute.It's happening all over the country.
Interesting that you think PRR is "mild" - while not the boldest, it's usually quite piquant and sharp. If it had none of those qualities- might have been stale as that was a pre-cut and wrapped piece. We carry Widmer's 10yr cheddar - made to be "sour sharp". Brick is certainly mild. Look for Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar from Blue Mounds - especially if cut fresh
Yup-We have it:
Leave it to the Swiss to invent the ultimate cheese uni-tasker.
I get that... but my limited experience in the shop has been the opposite.
I don't consider Nebbiolo a good starter - many people find it too tannic (or they think too "dry"). My favorite grape, however.
Speaking for yourself? Are you in Charleston? If so:http://goatsheepcow.com/
True!- fun for cheese lovers to be sure
I'm not- it's aimed more at consumers and tasting. I know all the brands there- carry a few of them.
Been wanting to try Frappato.
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