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During peak times when people are most likely to want reservations, we are typically full, We began limiting reservations to six or more only. And we always require phone confirmation.Technically, taking credit card info and placing a hold costs money. There's an additional processing fee for "card not present" plus the transaction fee etc. It's not major but that plus manually entering a CC is time consuming. Then there's the matter of refunds, associating a deposit with...
As a restaurant/bistro/shop owner the past two years - I now have a whole new appreciation for not taking reservations.Our no-show rate is 80%. People are booking 3-4 different places any given night then choosing the one they want at the last minute.It's happening all over the country.
Interesting that you think PRR is "mild" - while not the boldest, it's usually quite piquant and sharp. If it had none of those qualities- might have been stale as that was a pre-cut and wrapped piece. We carry Widmer's 10yr cheddar - made to be "sour sharp". Brick is certainly mild. Look for Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar from Blue Mounds - especially if cut fresh
Yup-We have it:
Leave it to the Swiss to invent the ultimate cheese uni-tasker.
I get that... but my limited experience in the shop has been the opposite.
I don't consider Nebbiolo a good starter - many people find it too tannic (or they think too "dry"). My favorite grape, however.
Speaking for yourself? Are you in Charleston? If so:
True!- fun for cheese lovers to be sure
I'm not- it's aimed more at consumers and tasting. I know all the brands there- carry a few of them.
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