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I live to crush souls through cheese
Yeah. Just for tasting. Good for what it is though that price... Well. I like a number of Tony & Julie's cheeses, The "ancient" cheddar is not my thing. The block cheddars saged for 5,7,10 etc are primarily made to be sour sharp. I much prefer cloth bound cheddars. #1 for me from Wisconsin is Bleu Mont.
Stawley's delicious. Hard to come by stateside. On another note, Rush Creek Reserve is back in production after a year away. Fabulous cheese. Very limited availability this year.
Attending a friend's gathering tonight. He's cooking Italian, pouring 1997 Fontodi Flaccianello and also vintage Heidsieck though I know not which.
Noice- that's a $600-800 find
A wine-making colleague of mine once said, regarding a tough year: "Pinot, you bitch."
It ain't Nebbiolo. Corino is a nice but otherwise pretty cheap Alba Barbera. They make it to drink now. 2012 is going to prove itself an iffy year for Barbera.Sure, it could sit a little but that bottle just needs to sit open for maybe an hour.Or am I missing the sarcasm?
Probably not by much though.
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