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Bad year for Burgundy... http://www.decanter.com/wine-news/hail-in-chablis-vineyards-catastrophe-305536/
What Wendy's I've had the past few years has been horrid even by junk fast-food standards. The burger always comes in a shambles, glopped all over with condiments. Rubbery burger... bleh.
Landmark Creamery Petit Nuage
Shakerag Blue Lindenhof Presidium Truffle Gouda
We got some of the aged brick. It's stinkier but still really mild (too mild) in the paste.
Yes - well, not false modesty if meant cynically, but yes.A crap winemaker could do damn all with any grape A skilled maker can nurse crap grapes along to something marginal... and make symphonies out of perfect grapes and seasons.
Had a glass of this last night. Still too oaky for my taste but deeply layered, complicated... some of the same flavor elements I appreciate in well-aged northern eye-tals. Certainly glad I wasn't paying
It's certainly up there.
Have you tried other real milks? Goat for example? May not work for you but it might- I know one person who can drink sheep milk but you'll have a hard time finding it.
During peak times when people are most likely to want reservations, we are typically full, We began limiting reservations to six or more only. And we always require phone confirmation.Technically, taking credit card info and placing a hold costs money. There's an additional processing fee for "card not present" plus the transaction fee etc. It's not major but that plus manually entering a CC is time consuming. Then there's the matter of refunds, associating a deposit with...
New Posts  All Forums: