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That's like saying wine is awful or "i don't like goat cheese". Way too many styles, types and ranges of flavor to cast a net so broad. Do you like Manchego?
Three recent Italian additions. Formagella di Montagna Salva Cremasco Pecorino "Signor G" - a very young/soft pecorino
@RedLantern- I've only been crafting a menu now after two years in business, and it's a short list (typically 6-7 each reds and whites, 8-9 "reserve" bottles, and a sparkling or two) so limited experience... but I'd say less is most definitely more on a wine list. And I mean less narrative. Leave it to/train the servers to tell those stories where appropriate. More narrative, IMO, actually narrows appeal- few customers come to a description of wine in the way you might,...
Thanks @Piobaire - a local rep is bringing the Hecula by next week. Certainly inexpensive.
Anybody know the wines from Bodegas CastaƱo?
Over the course of a week? How kept? Fridge or room temp? I've not had any red that I thought was still "good" after 3 days.
A little cheese porn...
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