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From Malvira:Langhe FavoritaRoero ArneisRoero Arneis RenesioRoero Arneis TrinitàRoero Arneis SagliettoLanghe Bianco - Tre UvePalazzone's Terre Vinate OrvietoVigin's Langhe "Mery"Tenuta Langasco FavoritaColli di Lapio Fiano di Avellino
Anybody have thoughts on Ermitage du Pic St-Loup Rose?
Sounds like you're a classic introvert- meaning you get recharged by being alone rather than via activity. It's important that you find that time. For me it's usually early mornings every day before she gets up and then gets ready for work.
Enjoy the ride. Prepare for delights... and shocks...
Ice Cream
Wife made a batch of teh Skyline recipe last night
Nope-Kingsley- made by Roelli in Wisconsin
We paired a smoked blue. Very nice. Also a clothbound cheddar.
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