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Oh-- wait.I thought you said fluffer...
The season ender was EPICALLY good
2003 Sottimano Barbaresco Cottà last night at the wife's birthday...
Generally, yes. I'm sure most wouldn't say it's a "living wage" but we're paying significantly above minimum. I wanted to avoid, and purposely did not hire staff who are career-oriented towards the tipping culture/working for tips. None are salaried at this point but I may move one to salary at some point in a year or so.No benefits at this time either.
Exactly. Having just opened my own place- I had to let staff decide whether or not to share tips. They all voted to share everything so it has made this easy to manage and they feel good about it. But I also purposely built a staff/culture where tips aren't a priority for them.
Debating whether the proper response to this is:1) "Never thought I'd hear you utter those words."or2) TWSS
Just rewatched the first two. Better than initial impressions.
Same-I hope they don't rely on dredging up old characters and storylines all season.But new Archer > than most everything else.
Hookers and blow.
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