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I miss you.
It's quite good. Friend here is the regional distributor.
That was my point- the majority of small wineries.
I'd wager there's more of that out there than truly old-storage Rioja these days. I had a chance at a case from the 60's recently at about $30 a bottle... all new bottling of old wine stored in larger vats. Wasn't a particularly good wine even at that price.
I'd wager the overwhelming majority of small wineries attempting to sell and ship direct really have very little understanding of just how hard fulfillment is to do well and affordably. Every business I've been a part of thinks they want to get into distrbution until they loom under the hood and see the monster that is quality fulfillment snarling back at them.Cold shipping option? For just about all it's "don't ship when it is hot".Neither FEDEX nor UPS provide...
Option three. Girls wearing paint.
I have another Sea Smoke- the 2009 Farthing - should send it to you - swap for an eye-tal?
Speaking of which- Opened a bottle of 2009 Sea Smoke Ten last weekend. Promising at open but turned into a very Cali pinot as it opened up... lots of oak, very jammy. On the whole, well-made, balanced for what it is. Not hot at all for being 15% Not my style though and glad I didn't pay $80+ for it.
Winnimere from Jasper Hill
New Posts  All Forums: