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Thanks JC-Business is going well; well-received in the community. It's a very different lifestyle than the old i-Gent days.We routinely carry Roelli's cheeses- they're made just a few hours away from us.His red Rock here:
Because steak.
Definitely worth it, even if you want to keep just a couple dozen bottles. Especially true if you want a few older vintages around.I purchased a 140-150 btl unit a few years back - it's been very useful. Originally I put everything in for convenience. These days I don't keep much "daily drinker" wine at home so it's only got maybe 60 bottles in it, but most are bottles I want to keep for a while. '90's barolos FTW.The temperature display burned out but the external thermo...
The tasting I did recently (Dr. Frank, Wiemer... a few I don't remember... I guess mostly the older wineries... ) - none were truly dry... one, I don't recall which, labeled as dry was the sweetest of the bunch - right down to crystals in the bottle.But none were bad and some were quite enjoyable.
Did recently... just "OK". Pale and lacking vibrancy... too sweet.
Not at all. At least in my vocab. Bigger bodied, full, but plenty of acidity. Not Pinot Noir.
This is pretty fine. Bright, good acidity. Fairly heavy.
TWSS... couldn't resist
I miss you.
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