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Is it bad that I had Epoisses for dinner?
Nope- I don't. Sorry. Just haven't had any cab or really anything that I'd care to drink in that range. But the Tisdale I've had I found rather vile
The Pares whites are across the board very good. Especially the Blanc de Pas and Calcari.I sold about 4 cases of the Can Feixes the past few weeks. Customers kept asking for it FWIW.There is some truth to old world/new world in Spanish wines and their labels. "Contemporary" labels tend to be more modern in style, oakier, fruit bombs.... I still think Spain is the value to price leader.Pares
Pea shoots/tendrils, other micro greens with burrata
I've only been twice, about two years ago. Seemed to recall prices typically in the $20's-40's lb.
Funny- was just tasting a variety of recent burgs with a local importer/dist. and he was saying much the same. What they have tried is all over the place with some lesser labels pleasing and some stalwarts not impressing more-so than average.
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