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Love Blaufränkisch
Probably the most complex and layered wine I've ever witnessed. Really, really, really complex but also very nuanced. was different with each passing minute. Not big by any means. Lots of graphite, maybe a little spruce/woodsiness. Plenty of fruit throughout. More vanilla than I care for in but still... It's not often that I say a wine needs another several years but this certainly has a lot to give up yet when it opens more.
Well then...
My last bottle of 2005 Malvira Langhe Nebbiolo. Sigh.
Will be handy to make a point with a Cali winemaker friend charging way too much for his pinots that are 15%+ ABV and always out of balance.
Thanks for this
http://us4.campaign-archive1.com/?u=cfcf07fb7836e0dd23be3d64c&id=2581676d9b And if you haven't already heard- Andy Hatch at Uplands in Wisconsin has decided to stop making the glorious Rush Creek Reserve given the current vagueries of the FDA. More nannying of a problem that isn't...
I never really liked mimolette - but yeah, the FDA and cheese are politics at their worst.
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