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Thanks J-The upside... I have a Hyundai Elantra for five days
I doubt either wants to be that big... too tweedy
I don't know- justa random though on how two shoebox companies might be stronger through shared efficiencies.
If you have pairing/tasting notes/reactions- please send my way... Twin Cities are so hoppy with their beers... really hard to pair with most cheeses. I have about 30 bottles to sample- I want six or so local brews for the shop... definitely carrying a few from Lift Bridge- since they brew 2 miles from the shop and the actual bridge is 100 yards away from my front door. Drinking Fulton Sweet Child of Vine at the moment... meh. Ask your shop to get you an O'Banon.
Crazy idea but I really think Aston Martin and McClaren should merge. Both British, heritage, legend... Aston could benefit from McLaren's manufacturing process.
That's already been cancelled.
Hey- thanks haven't been keeping the thread up but all my cheese time is in the shop right now. Construction should be done 12/25. First inventory showing up 12/26 the rest 12/28. Training 27-30 and opening January 2. I'll be carrying Pleasant Ridge and Marieke - a few things from Capriole too. Does your shop get O'Banon from her?
Aston? They've been teetering on the edge for ages. Ford was happy to jettison them. Since 2008 despite the downturn the luxe car market has grown while Aston's share shrunk. DAR bought 51% then ran out of cash in two years. Aston promptly cut 1/3 of its workforce. Last year a single shareholder kicked in £150m to give them enough cash to try and develop a DB9 replacement. They went to MB because they could not afford to develop their own engine any longer. That's not a...
Current models. Vantage: DB9: Rapide: Vanquish: Zagato: Mind- Aston is working with far less resource than Lambo... and now with AMG making engines for them. Only a 5% stake now but Merc is pretty desperate to find partners to increase market share.
New Posts  All Forums: