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Your Smartphone Will Replace Your Car Keys by 2015 GM launches free car-key smartphone app It's not just a smartphone, it's a car key
Does that mean it tastes the same going down as it does coming back up?
I worked with the Beeb up until last year. I have the highest respect for the service they provide globally and the people that work there.
Same thing Blackhood with the exception of the technical platform. Japan made it happen very quickly. But here in the "land of the free" - they chose not to press the IBOC standards and let one company do their own thing, iBiquity. FM broadcasters have switched, but the format is far less compelling... and content producers don't have enough good content for multichannel HD anyway.
One of the reasons HD radio never caught on (other than the lack of mandate and FCC feet dragging), is that the development and install curve in new cars was too long. The tech kept changing so fast that a 4yr development cycle was a real problem.
Obsolescence these days is very driven by the options/OEM add-ons. Nav, LED, luxe seats, auto-dimming roofs etc
Thanks J-The upside... I have a Hyundai Elantra for five days
I doubt either wants to be that big... too tweedy
I don't know- justa random though on how two shoebox companies might be stronger through shared efficiencies.
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