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Gotta love complaints about product placement. It's been the norm since the early days of TV and Bond was a master of it in the 1960's. Coke in Ghostbusters. Twinkies in Zombieland. Audi in just about every movie the past decade.
[quote name="gomestar" url="/t/183690/things-that-are-making-you-happy-food-and-drink-edition/3250_50#post_7937313" you can see that the yolk has a little less structure to it. Not sure if this is due to freshness ....[/quote] This
@edinatlanta- whilst at the Coca Cola experience in your fair city long ago... I unfortunately tried lychee soda....
This is my kind of hairy:
Lychee and Rambutan are basically just variants of the same thing, ie closely related. Still don't get...
in my admittedly tiny sample size, i don't get lychee...
I have a bottle of the 83. Thick!
Minervois anyone? Another Frenchie with which I have zilch experience short of Viognier. I do find myself liking majority-carignan wines.
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