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Just ordered Native Wine Grapes of Italy Ian D'Agata (Author) Anybody have? And any opinions on Peynaud's "The Taste of Wine"?
Gotta love complaints about product placement. It's been the norm since the early days of TV and Bond was a master of it in the 1960's. Coke in Ghostbusters. Twinkies in Zombieland. Audi in just about every movie the past decade.
[quote name="gomestar" url="/t/183690/things-that-are-making-you-happy-food-and-drink-edition/3250_50#post_7937313" you can see that the yolk has a little less structure to it. Not sure if this is due to freshness ....[/quote] This
@edinatlanta- whilst at the Coca Cola experience in your fair city long ago... I unfortunately tried lychee soda....
This is my kind of hairy:
Lychee and Rambutan are basically just variants of the same thing, ie closely related. Still don't get...
in my admittedly tiny sample size, i don't get lychee...
I have a bottle of the 83. Thick!
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