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The tasting I did recently (Dr. Frank, Wiemer... a few I don't remember... I guess mostly the older wineries... ) - none were truly dry... one, I don't recall which, labeled as dry was the sweetest of the bunch - right down to crystals in the bottle.But none were bad and some were quite enjoyable.
Did recently... just "OK". Pale and lacking vibrancy... too sweet.
Not at all. At least in my vocab. Bigger bodied, full, but plenty of acidity. Not Pinot Noir.
This is pretty fine. Bright, good acidity. Fairly heavy.
TWSS... couldn't resist
I miss you.
It's quite good. Friend here is the regional distributor.
That was my point- the majority of small wineries.
I'd wager there's more of that out there than truly old-storage Rioja these days. I had a chance at a case from the 60's recently at about $30 a bottle... all new bottling of old wine stored in larger vats. Wasn't a particularly good wine even at that price.
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