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Insurers know what's what. average time estimates etc. Can't see how they'd accept this.
Wait, wut?I've twice had a car in to fix getting keyed and once to replace and paint a trunk lid and bumper and neither took more than 4 days.
Turned the A6 into an A3 not so hot hatch:
The quality of their AWD in a place that gets 50" of snow each winter + a generally affluent large metro.
Seeing the doc tomorrow to set a baseline.
The car was brilliant in the crash- did everything it could to stay on the road until he spun me 180 and almost rolled it. I walked away without a scratch.Driver was cited- court pending etc.
Can we change this thread to Cars We Used To Drive? I was driving 60mph yesterday when a freight truck doing 80 rear-ended me.
Anybody have a bag from Basader?
They must have made a billion cases of this vintage. I keep seeing it.
Drank the last of my 2003 Sottimano "Cotta" Barbaresco over the weekend. Sure 2004 was a stellar year, but every 2003 I've had has been exquisite.
New Posts  All Forums: