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Is the sole of the f/w mmm side-zips thicker as the s/s one?
Can anyone id Cattelans shoes?
What Poell size are these? 10 or 11?
Quote: Originally Posted by avery yeah, two of the pairs in the picture are rick. i wasn't asking that, though. i was asking if anybody knew where the picture was from. Jak and Jil, I believe.
Try "Jicky". Classic citrus fragrance.
Started reading Boltanski/ Chiapello - The new spirit of capitalism today.
Schiesser. Highly recommended.
Tried "Leather Aoud" today. Smells like a brandnew leather jaket...
If you are looking for something newer, 36 Quai des Orfèvres is pretty good. And +1 for Le Samourai. One of my favourite films ever.
^Thanks, Doctor. I used to roll up most of my shirts too, but I think it looks odd when I am putting off my coat and my sleeves are already rolled up. Any further suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance.
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