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Yes, it is the 975 shell longwing with a commando sole. Assuming it is exclusive to AoC, right? Nothing to do but wait?Alden will not recraft a shoe with a leather sole with a commando or crepe sole will they?
Hey guys, A buddy of mine is looking for a the AF110 (No. 8 Shell Cordovan Longwing) and Alden of Carmel has them backordered at least until the fall. Is that shoe specific to Alden of Carmel, or is there any other store that may have it in stock? I called Alden of NYC and they only stock shell longwings with leather soles. Thanks
At least he managed to get some gym shorts on before he took the picture (far right of cover picture in the mirror). All class.
After a long and storied history, I just received Namor's Y.O.L.O. custom shell cordovan jodphurs after picking them up for a great price from a Spanish seller on ebay. Perfect fit!! Could have been custon made for least I now know what size I wear in a Meermin. Honestly I've never been happier about all the time I've wasted on SF over the years!!
Hmmmm, interesting. 12.5 fit you say. I'm a 12 C&J Lowndes, a 12 Alden Barrie, 12.5 Alden Grant. Sounds like these may work?
Thanks TKDKid, just what I wanted to know. Much appreciated, I think they will just go over to B. Nelson.
Yes, I have. Slow responding, but I guess my question is as much asking if since they've discontinued their line of higher end shoes, does it make sense to pay the premium, the long wait time, and international shipping for them to work on the shoes. If these were Edward Greens or G&Gs there would really be no question. I'll be a bit surprised if they won't work on them, so my question to you all is, should they?
I have a few pairs of Grenson Masterpiece shoes, and one will need a resole soon. I see that Grenson recrafts their shoes, but they don't produce the Masterpiece line anymore. Do those of you in this situation go with the original maker, even if they are not making that quality shoe anymore, or just send them to B. Nelson (I am in the states)?
Thanks man, I'll roll the dice on that.
Hey Bri,Long time. I've been around, but buying less and less and I can only post about drape and roping on jeans so many times. I went through the whole typical SF trajectory: AE, to Alden, to Edward Green to Vass, to G&G (I'm not really sure how to rank those last three). I have a lot of shoes to get rid of and I have to wait a lot longer between purchases, but I'm always lurking, especially in this thread. Thanks for the shout out.
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