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9/13: Price drops on everything (all prices include worldwide airmail shipping) These are still left: USD 45 Drakes tie USD 55 Charvet (stunning) USD 37 Seaward and Stern (7-fold is written on tie but looks more lika a 6-fold. Anyway, fully handmade and excellent quality) USD 110 Navy Incotex cords (size EU44 = about a US 29 or 30) USD 55 Turnbull and Asser white Sea island cotton shirt (size 15) USD 85 Bamford and Sons pants (size 30 - ultra soft) Please also see my...
That's an easy one: D.R. Harris shaving soaps (triple milled for excellent lather!). I've tried Proaso (which was the least good of all I've ever tried!), Edwin Jagger and one more brand, believe it was Geo F. Trumper. However, as much as I like soaps I regularly shave with either Edwin Jagger or Geo F. Trumper's shaving creams = heaven! And one tube last 6 months (if you use a shaving brush)!
This is from a post dating back to June 2009 (that I can no longer edit as it is too old - though, I have lowered prices 15% in this post) 12 bespoke shirts from Ascot Chang and Turnbull Asser up for sale Willing to accept (reasonable) offers if you are interested in buying multiple shirts! NOW only $29 each (including worldwide first class airmail shipping from Sweden, northern Europe) All shirts have white collar and white French cuffs (except the cream shirt...
Many thanks for bringing the improbable sleeve length to my attention Laphroaig! It has now been corrected (I had accidentally put down the sleeve length as measured from center back - it must have been right after I measured the shirt!). Thanks Newcomer!!
Update: Added Bamford and sons blazer, Bamford and sons cords (from previous post), Incotex dark navy corduroy pants
Added 2 Drakes ties, 1 Turnbull and Asser shirt, and lowered price on the Charvet tie.
Update: 9/13 price drops on everything ***** Update: Bamford blazer is now sold! Thanks Bing! **** Update: the following are sold (everything else still available): Drakes navy solid tie Church shoes Both T&A pocket squares (Thanks Joshua, Steven, Mauri and Styleforum) **** All prices include worldwide postage by first class airmail. I'm located in Sweden in Europe and accept Paypal (or bank transfer (Ãœberweisung) if you prefer). Any questions, etc....
Final price drop before I keep the shirts myself! They are now $35 each incl worldwide airmail shipping (the monogram isn't visible if the shirt is worn under a suit or a sweater, etc)
Oh, I wasn't aware of that (though I guess I should have been - my bad) but it makes perfect sense. I shall try to consolidate my threads before I bump again. Thanks for pointing it out!
What do you mean? I'm offering at least 10% price drops on each item I've listed in each bump, that's well within the rules, isn't it?
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