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Scorpion makes several models in white without the drop down screen.
You can easily see it by doing nothing more than turning the watch around.A more appropriate analogy would be a gas powered car and a electric powered car.Periodic maintenance is optional and not required. Of course it is a good idea to have it done on a watch that has value, but if you have a $100 make sense to just buy a new one. Buy a Seiko 5 for $100 and wear it until it stops working in 10-20 years all without being serviced.Have you thought about buying a Chinese...
Some people see value in mechanical watches, some do not. Others see value in bespoke clothes and shoes, others may not. We buy things we like because we can, no need to judge what others purchase.Is buying a $5k bespoke suit or $1k shoes really any more rational than buying a $5k mechanical watch?The real difference between quartz and mechanical:Quartz:Mechanical:
You can only get Stowa directly from them or used. The problem with buying directly is the waiting period, it can take several months. Used Anteas go for around $400 and Marine Automatics go for around $650.I also recommend Tissot Le Locle, any Mido or any Hamilton. Used watches would be around 40-50% retail.
Wouldn't it be easier to find parking in residential areas and move in the day? I don't think too many people would even notice if you moved everyday.
The plan is not too bad and it gives you a lot of savings. I do think your take home pay is a little on the higher side. I also think you should also budget for health insurance, car insurance and retirement.I know you're into your cars but you would definitely be able to save a ton of money if you bought used. You can get a lot more car for the same money.
You really need to sit down and figure out your monthly expenses to see if it is even possible for you to live on that income. Example: Income after tax = $1800 Expenses: Rent = $1000 Utilities = $75 Food = $300 Insurance = $50 Gas = $50 Student loan = $200 Alcohol & bars = $75 Entertainment = $50 Misc = $100 Total expenses = $1900 That is just an example, but you can see that if rent and utilities are over $1000 you are not going to have that much money for everything...
this is a common practice in IL
Seiko Blancpain IWC Glashutte Original JLC Zenith Dornblueth & Sohn
The d90 body only is selling for $680 at Calumet with code HOLIDAYSALE.
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