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Quote: Originally Posted by insideman i went to the uniqlo and picked up some crewneck sweatshirts to wear casually around...the things are awesome and for $20, you really cant beat the price point for how they fit/feel How is the fit? Do they fit slim? I was going to get one of these, trying to decide b/t med and large
I'm looking for a uniqlo navy peacoat in american size medium or japanese size large. The store doesn't have anymore of these sizes and not sure they will get anymore.
does anyone have that grey wool J+ blazer? How is the fit and how long is it? The only other blazer I've tried on is the wool herringbone the fit/length similar?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pawz I tell it the way it is. If they don't like it, they can try to get a job elsewhere. They WILL receive a poor reference, they WILL beg for their jobs back (and best sing my praises from then on), and I WILL fight any attempt they make at getting unemployment. Lol, poor reference b/c they failed to wear the right shade of brown on their wingtip?
The merino cardigans are 24.99. Anyone know how they fit? Fairly slim?
I called today and wanted a navy peacoat in size Medium, but of course they didn't have any. They had a Japanese XL and said it would fit a 40 chest. I ordered it anyway, but not sure if it'll fit. They said they will receive the spring stock soon, so they probably will not receive any more winter stock....bummer. Someone on here said the japanese sizes will fit slimmer than the next size down. Not sure if this is true....I have a hard time believing the sizes are two...
One last question on the peacoat....does it have a vent in the back?
Yeah, you're right about that. The hood is the only thing that's holding me back.
Quote: Originally Posted by seany Yea they had the peacoats when I went there about two weeks ago in NYC. The peacoat was 99 dollars. I bought an extra small and im 5'8 155. Fits me very well, I can wear sweaters, button ups, etc underneath it. Very fitted IMO. Cool. How was the length? Is it cut short or does it hit around mid-thigh? Dang, now I need to decide b/t this and the duffle coat....
Quote: Originally Posted by seany I own that peacoat actually. Is it at the NYC location now? How much was it? I looked on the site and I only saw one type of peacoat, in about 3 different colors. I don't really like them and they look different from the one in the picture.
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