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It seems they're damn near out of everything right now, the key stuff at least....coats, blazers, etc. Apparently they're not restocking the f/w stuff either since the spring line will be dropping soon. I've been trying to get that navy peacoat, but they're wiped would think they would keep a few more stocked since it is the dead of winterm, after all....
Measurements on the medium Uniqlo navy gingham?
I just purchased the brown suede DBs and wonder whether I should keep them. They look ok with khakis, but I find they might be a little too 'matchy'/neutral with dark denim. Anyone else come to this conclusion?
How are the wool flat-front trousers and tasmanian wool trousers? How is the fit? Extra slim? I'm looking for more of a straight leg, with the bottom slightly tapered...not looking for tightness around my thighs.
Looking for this coat in size Large:
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz $60,, probably cheaper at store for ballers $150, sterling silver i would definitely recommend the first RL for a classier more highend belt for pretty much the same price Nice! Thanks for that. I've noticed a lot of the RL and J Crew looks have featured a plaque belt and I like...
What didn't you like about the belt? I noticed it was featured in this month's issue of GQ
I'm thinking about purchasing the plaque belt....anyone have it? What size should I get to fit a 32 or 33 size waist?
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