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Have anything in a 11.5?
Has anyone tried the new standard fit rigid rinse jeans?
Anyone have any Hiltl trousers? I want to know how trim these 'Trim Fit' Hiltl pants are that are sold on STP.....,...t-For-Men.html
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula god damn uniqlo customer service has been sucking lately. I tried to place an order 3 weeks ago and they never called me back. Its been getting worse and worse as more people know about the store. They say they don't plan to sell online any time soon, but they need to be able to process these orders in a reasonable amount of time. Not sure what it's going to take to get through to them, probably a...
Check your inbox.
So the all important question, how is the fit of this coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu I went today to the NY soho store. Impressions: - Line management is FAR better than last time. There is a clear physical barrier separating the +J section, rather than a flimsy curtain, and a large part of the line is indoors. You can go into the other parts of the store if you are not interested in the +J merch (like the sweet nylon parka). - There is a decent tux shirt with a wing collar for those who need...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic Someone from Uniqlo just called me to ask if i liked my HeatTech product. I said I did, and asked if there would ever be a real online store in the US. He said that it was a business decision not to, but that there could be one someday. That's a shame, bc the phone order dept has gotten really slack lately now that more people are becoming more familiar with the store. They're are currently not equipped...
what are muscleups?
So they have more merino cardigans in stock? I tried to order one (light gray color) a couple weeks ago during the sale and they didn't have my size...seems everyone snatched them up. I think the premium cotton ones are part of the spring collection...not sure how the fabric differs from the merino.
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