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what are muscleups?
So they have more merino cardigans in stock? I tried to order one (light gray color) a couple weeks ago during the sale and they didn't have my size...seems everyone snatched them up. I think the premium cotton ones are part of the spring collection...not sure how the fabric differs from the merino.
It seems they're damn near out of everything right now, the key stuff at least....coats, blazers, etc. Apparently they're not restocking the f/w stuff either since the spring line will be dropping soon. I've been trying to get that navy peacoat, but they're wiped out....you would think they would keep a few more stocked since it is the dead of winterm, after all....
Measurements on the medium Uniqlo navy gingham?
I just purchased the brown suede DBs and wonder whether I should keep them. They look ok with khakis, but I find they might be a little too 'matchy'/neutral with dark denim. Anyone else come to this conclusion?
How are the wool flat-front trousers and tasmanian wool trousers? How is the fit? Extra slim? I'm looking for more of a straight leg, with the bottom slightly tapered...not looking for tightness around my thighs.
Looking for this coat in size Large: http://us.topman.com/webapp/wcs/stor...t_category_rn=
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz $60, http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...ductId=3024938, probably cheaper at store for ballers $150, sterling silver http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...ductId=1784853 i would definitely recommend the first RL for a classier more highend belt for pretty much the same price Nice! Thanks for that. I've noticed a lot of the RL and J Crew looks have featured a plaque belt and I like...
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