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Harvie Hudson looks nice, but their shipping price is kinda ridiculous.
pictures still not showing
Some of the H&M shirts are rather form fitting. I also don't like the tiny collars on a lot of their shirts.
Some pictures are not showing
Yeah, I have some of the same questions. I want a pair of the selvedge jeans but they don't have my size online. You think I could apply that 40% off by calling another store and having them ship it to me?
Is the sale over?
Anyone know where I could find Sperry Bahamas in navy leather? Basically a shoe that looks similar to these Gucci's w/o the pricetag....
Looking for the Uniqlo grey sweatshirt, size Large
Do they still have sweatshirts in stock at the nyc store? Also, anyone have the chambray shirt?
Was this a one time sale or something? Went by Target last night and didn't see any $2.50 socks...ones that were left were regular price.
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